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We like Slack. The UX is top notch and for reasons I can't rationalize, seems to make all the difference. We used to use HipChat, which was good, but tried Slack and never looked back. It's easy to add integrations (3rd party or custom). The product is snappy and quick. They have nice features like default-on "do not disturb" so you don't get notifications when trying to sleep unless the sender marks them as urgent.

At this point, if you're asking I'm wondering about you. It's good. Use it. Be happy.

Slack is a double-edged sword. I feel like I've traded one inbox to manage for dozens of inboxes. I hate that it uses web views on Mac, as it eats up a lot of memory and energy.

Love everything about it. Only miss having sounds like Campfire used to have. I miss you :vuvuzela:

My only complaint is that onboarding users requires they either register or have the same email domain. We work in an era of consultants, freelancers, and outsourced professionals. Slack is hands down the most invaluable chat/communication tool for teams, I just wish it was easier to support teams of hundreds or thousands without requiring they all sign up, again.

It's the gold standard for chat. Why? Mainly because of the integrations and the UI/UX. That said, it's chat. What does Slack do that many other products don't? Not much.

Its the best chat app on the market. It has great iOS and OS X apps. Integrations are super easy, which make it a great catch all to lean on while you're building the rest of your infrastructure.

Upgraded from hipchat -- Slack is a big improvement

Slack is great for a multitude of reasons, but it's all in how you use it. In an organization of 200+ employees, there has to be more discipline in the way channels are used (certain channels are evergreen but others are project-based and should be archived when an initiative is complete, etc.) and extensible services (such as bots) are integrated into the platform. In particular, we used Slack to coordinate everything from our weekly company-wide "Huddles" to core product initiatives, ERG meetings and internal team chats. Slack can get a little muddled at a certain scale, but with messaging discipline, Slack is definitely a net-positive to a growing organization -- particularly a company that has multiple offices!

works well. new video features don't seem to work , so we still use Skype for point-to-point video. Desperately needs threading,. I'm told it's in the product now, but I've not yet figured out how to use it

The bot funcionality means that, besides chat, you can customise Slack to meet your team's workflow. We still use Atlassian's Bitbucket, but Hipchat is still lacking this component.

Slack's a great resource for unstructured, quick conversations. For anything deeper, we tend to find that tools like Trello/JIRA/etc need to be used to keep things organized and easily searched for. We really like the integrations across various services that pipe in new trials, new VIP signups, etc. Overall happy, but can be too noisy and things get lost is a big piece of feedback as well.

Good for mostly synchronous conversations. Sometime it's hard to keep up, so you have to treat it as an ephemeral chatting mechanism. It is though very useful.

We've been using Slack since the early days of the beta. It's better than every other team chat tool in every way. The iOS app is especially a delight to use.

Easy to use, easy access to everyone in the organization, and able to organize conversations easily. However, I think it requires a fair amount of training to get the most out of it and avoid it being just a repository for gifs.

Can't say enough good things about Slack. Integration with multiple 3rd party apps, such as Zoom, are terrific.

It's awesome and boosted productivity and communication so much. Also, pretty affordable. I've used it at multiple jobs prior to our startup and continue to recommend it to others.

Slack is in my opinion without competition here. The user interface is just what a late nineties IRC-user would expect, building apps and integrations is very well supported and it has a very friendly customer service. For employees it has become more

I love Slack, but it hasn't really been used by our team since we're all pretty much in one big room.

Still the only offering that handles notifications across multiple devices well. Tons of integrations, and easy enough to roll your own as well.

Incredible ability to integrate with so many important services.

Multiple channels, threads, contexts, groups, direct messages and lot of API integrations

easy to use, available many group options

Very nice platform that keeps everything organized, keeps my team in sync, and allows for easily searchable archiving of data among many other things.

Distracting but powerful way to stay in touch. Somewhat better than similar tools, but great for integrations.

This is the lifeline of our startup - keeps the team in touch 24/7

Great tool. Each to integrate with other tools we use

A great way to collate comms on one topic, in one place, rather than 10's of different email threads. It integrates with GSuite and others well. It just needs to be picked up more mainstream, so people use it as the default communication system, rather than emails.

Love the simplicity of Slack. Have used it everyday for 3 years.

I'm a big fan of slack. It lessens the communication load from email while allowing for better organization with groups. Just have to make sure you don't build in too much noise


we use it for more than chat.

Channels are brilliant, ability to attach files, search functionality, 1 to 1 chats, all your conversations in one place.

Once we started using Slack, we simply could not go back to using emails. A lot of useful conversations on Whatsapp and Messenger got lost in the chain of messages containing multiple topics and threads. Not anymore with Slack.

It is the go-to platform but I find it difficult to navigate/see which channels have updates etc.

Love the ability to create multiple channels, share files and frictionless user experience

Chat threads, channels, and the ability to have multiples companies on Slack are all big pluses. On the downside there's no video chat and no ability to record audio or video messages. Would be great if it combined those features from WhatsApp and MarcoPolo.

Great tool for collaborating and updating cross-functional teams.

slack is the best for team communication. Although lately other players like microsoft and cisco are coming into the space with very cool products

Great for team discussions. Great search function. Integrates well with Zapier, AngelList and many other startup tools. We have several internal channels that get pinged with new leads or social media mentions. Slack also now supports threading, which will increasingly come in handy as the team grows further.

Slack is great and has mostly replaced internal email for us. There is a risk of creating a culture of distraction; use it wisely! Pro tip: Create more channels than you think you need—don't discuss everything in #general, create a channel for every project! Channels can be narrow and short-lived.

Great, everyone knows it's great. Can get very loud at times.

Susceptible to noise. Still working out how to make this effective at ~150 people.

Great for team coordination, but can be distracting without good team discipline.

Slack is fantastic! We're in here all day every day.

Foundational. Can't imagine running the business without it.

Amazingly simple on-boarding for even non-technical team members.

Highly customizable, good noise management if you take the time to tune your settings.

Always adding new features (e.g., voice, video conference) and integrations — makes it fresh and current.

Works in a small team, but hard to scale with the number of channels

no complaints. what can I say. they make things really easy. highest integration count. could use more automations but I'm sure they're available somewhere

We used Hipchat before, move to Slack after it launched, never looked back. But it is expensive.

more than a chat for us, we organized our dev around, it's ideal for remote teams