How we started

We built Founderkit in Ryan’s living room after realizing that even within a leading group of founders like Y Combinator, founders have to continually ask and re-ask for recommendations for a number of services while building their startups. So, we created Founderkit for founders to quickly share opinions of services for startups. Before our public launch, it was already used by almost 1,000 YC founders and alumni.

Ian og
Ian back in the early days of Zaarly.
Ryan og
Ryan and (co-founder) Ed in front of their Mountain View hacker house during YC.

We’d love all of your feedback, rants, and other tomfoolery. This is just an MVP but it already has 4,000+ reviews from a humbling community of experienced founders.


Ryan Mickle


Ryan co-founded Yardsale (YC S11), an early approach to buying and selling with your iPhone, and later launched FOBO. After selling Yardsale, he’s worked on various consulting projects including HBO Silicon Valley Season 3,, the group that owns Lonely Planet, and advising


Ian Hunter


Ian co-founded Zaarly, a local marketplace for services which was funded by Kleiner Perkins. Afterwards, he was CTO of Buzzstarter (YC S14), bootstrapped, an ideation and experimentation platform for entrepreneurs, and has a list of other startups he's launched over the years.