Frequently Asked Questions

Hi and welcome to our frequently asked questions. Founderkit has been open only to YC founders to date, and is just getting started, so please forgive us if it has some rough edges. Thanks in advance for your feedback, suggestions, and any bad jokes you want to send our way. Feel free to email us any time at [email protected].

Where do the ratings come from?

Great question. Up until now, Founderkit has been used by select groups on founders from groups such as Y Combinator. Since we built Founderkit to provide reviews and advice and to maximize the signal to noise ratio, Contributors are limited to by invitation only. This way, you can bet your startup on the ratings and reviews you'll find on Founderkit, and unlike most of what we found when were searching for resources for ourselves, the site doesn't turn into a popularity contest.

Can I rate my own startup service?

No, but if you send us an email, we'd be happy to add it to Founderkit and to encourage Founderkit Contributors to rate and review it.

How can I become a Contributor?

You'll soon be able to become a Contributor by invitation by another Contributor. Stay tuned.

Can I add a new category?

Absolutely. Feel free to email it to us for now and we'll add it. Once enough ratings and reviews are collected, it will appear publicly on the site.

Have another question?

Send it to us so we can answer it and add it here: [email protected].