Bjoern Zinssmeister

CTO, co-founder

Design Inc.

Costa Mesa, CA
San Francisco, CA

January 11, 2017

Reviews 10

Icdg58sibthted6rvpte Github

Aeo1zug9kx39vpnnlmkm Hellosign

Great when I need to sign docs on my iPhone. Super easy and fast.

F6c78aoxyhde0t0snyyg AngelList

AngelList is a great way to get eye balls on full-time job listings. Also the best way to find out about funding rounds and see what investors typically invest in.

Xyqiwysb2anjkeln8375 Stripe

Simply amazing. Great docs with examples in most major languages. Their support could be better with some of their beta features.

Mvdnmdoahvaldst90ejo Intercom

Hands down the best way to interact with customer requests.

Gjufpjvzrfmpfbkmcugy CircleCI

Tried a few options and settled with CircleCI mostly because of price and interface. Great integration with Github.

A02onkyvtldqwudxuaxm Google Domains

So easy to use and clutter free. Great price too.

Ff9uk3wfg5ln1h3ocybi SendGrid

Sendgrid is very reliable and I like their batching feature for sending large amounts of emails at once.

Obnkofnuegulqoosvoah Firebase

Firebase is a great choice for realtime data stuff. No more polling GET calls. The docs are good but their YouTube tutorials are better and get you started in less time. If you use some other Google infrastructure pieces this will be right there in the same place rather than keeping track of another platform.

Slanzknmnrs9rtxz1ouu Twilio

Easy to setup with great docs that get you up and running fast. Customer support is also very pleasant and helpful.