Marcin Kowalski




Gdynia, Pomeranian Voivodeship

January 23, 2017

Reviews 6

U87g1uanfay3evavexvy Zoom

The most reliable videoconferencing I've ever tried.

Bqs8xouipg3de19glbzg WilmerHale

A partner who we work with is the best lawyer I've had a pleasure to work with.

Ri8qrnfaxhbociiwo5el Salesforce

It is what it is :) I'm personally a beginner and use it only for reporting, and maybe that's why I truly hate it. On the other hand, it's probably the best CRM to integrate with, as most of the apps we use offer ready-to-use SFDC integration. Additionally, most of sales people who we interviewed have experience with SFDC, while other CRMs were completely unfamiliar to them.

Rgo3q6dc5xzcaquvniwr Xero

Excellent solution for SMB. We switched from QuickBooks and loved it from the very first sight. Intuitive UI, good reports, 2-minutes integration with Stripe. Xero is a good example that even accounting software can be exciting :)

Ofzrnccmbrpxdis1eimy Silicon Valley Bank

I love their customer service and online portal is pretty good. Overall experience very good - way much better than with Square1 where we had our previous account.

C9rol801izmipbjzdrs8 Zenefits

It's decent. We use it because we enrolled a while ago and it's free. Planning to switch to Gusto during the next insurance window. Our experience with their Customer Support is rather poor.