Tristan Tao




December 11, 2015

Reviews 9

Imgx5zjcplg3swxxeilm SurveyGizmo

Yly2esbsphwglzab2xmz Olark

Cdhmqwmaw0rudm8w6ol3 Mandrill (from Mailchimp)

Good product, cheap. AWEFUL support. They stopped sending email for us (then didn't tell us for 3 days, when I noticed it myself), took another few days to resolve the issue. They suspected us of Spam (which was fully cleared). Lost a chunk of unsent email backlog as a result.

Tmpz5jpdejhkkirrkn78 Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati (WSGR)

They're the de facto best firm, and the price reflects that. We should've leveraged cheaper options earlier on (i.e pre-seed) and taken on them at a later stage.

Xyqiwysb2anjkeln8375 Stripe

D2lnjr3a5qjotxh56fxk Indinero

Great product, kinda pricey (but we were told that they're basically how much an independent CPA would cost).

Iyll65ffnag7ptgiojzv Chase

Honestly, using them because they had the lowest initial deposit limit (when we were just starting up).

Btnyolhvg0atijhkkyfn Google Analytics

We're not too deep into analytics yet, I don't think we'll be sticking with GA once we get into it more.

Cg2jt723bmae6hwar3dm Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Great product, very straight forward.