Christopher Morton



December 23, 2015

Reviews 20

U2w8p12zyr6fuw627d4r Eshares

It takes a lot more time to get onboard than they claim, but makes things really fast after that is done.

Aeo1zug9kx39vpnnlmkm Hellosign


The accountant knows the software so it makes it easy for us to use.

Zgj0jn1ilgezprxulmwo Expensify

Sltm7u0j9zkcqhi85yhd Hipchat

It goes down a lot, but I hear has better uptime than Slack. We have built so many custom integrations that it makes changing difficult or we probably would do something different. Atlassian does not update the software much. I had a Hipchat for Android bug that would activate my speakerphone. It took them over a year to fix it.

Q04crunekc4zwgjl8mzw Google Apps (Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Gmail)

Works great with Google applications on mobile.

Slanzknmnrs9rtxz1ouu Twilio

It is OK. Probably better using Plivo (YC) but we already have Twilio integrated.

Celjqn12tizrsiyl2ldv Leftronic

It is OK, but buggy. When you try to run it on an appliance, getting it to stay running is difficult.

Gqtr6w3vq28rohyabjpr Help Scout

We use Helpscout Beacon. It works great because it records information privately such as location, browser, etc. and open Helpscount cases if we are not available to respond right away.

Myymnvgzgeysn4auea8b MailChimp

Eyhy2f0ayau9vvpn4xlr SalesforceIQ (formerly RelateIQ)

It has been better than the others we tried.

Iidrb4bqlc43rm2u4mpg Dropbox

Transitioning from team to enterprise is costly.

Xyqiwysb2anjkeln8375 Stripe

Anelya Grant

She has been great. I have referred her a lot of business too.

Ofzrnccmbrpxdis1eimy Silicon Valley Bank

It was one of the few that would give us a credit card without requiring a personal guarantee.

Tgaju9gk9l1yiblpwcvr First Republic Bank

C9rol801izmipbjzdrs8 Zenefits

It can be rough at times, but does make us appear to be more professional and gets the job done.

Gqtr6w3vq28rohyabjpr Help Scout

It is simple enough and looks like it came from a person, not a system. They keep developing it and adding features.

K2mcuwmmwavv4rezbacf Asana

We depend on this to complete tasks and communicate accomplishments.

P1iofflrhxq1zcircvpt Google Hangouts

It appears to be unprofessional because it is free. It can be glitchy.