Sam Felsenthal

COO, Co-Founder


Denver, CO

January 12, 2017

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We use Gusto for benefits and payroll and it's my absolute favorite service when putting my admin hat on. I can't recommend it enough. We were using Zenefits for benefits and switched over to Gusto. The Gusto customer service is 10x better.

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I really wanted to love InDinero, but after using them for the last 6 months the level of incompetence has been staggering. Extremely large transactions were left off our our P&L until I would bring up the issue. I consistently needed to remind them to make an updates that would seem obvious if someone took 2 seconds to review the financials at a high level. Because the web app is fairly restrictive I could never make the changes myself, which meant we had to rely on them to do so (which is problematic see points above). We've tried both them and Bench and will soon be looking for another alternative any suggestions?

posted about 4 years ago

It's frustrating to continually read the bad reviews of Indinero. Even within YC, complaints continually arise about Indinero. It's frustrating that no one has yet built a decent front end on top of a competent team of accounting service providers. What I've seen most companies do is try Indinero, Bench, etc., and then bounce to a "good enough" solution in the form of an individual service provider. The top one here at the moment is Propeller, which appears to be worth a look. Happy to connect you with the folks who use it. https://founderkit.com/biz/propeller-industries