Vivek Ravisankar


Co-founder & CEO


November 21, 2015

Reviews 6

Icdg58sibthted6rvpte Github

Good till a point. We will likely migrate within a year to something more ‘professional.’

R4eepiz8vvxpoqor61mq Pingdom

Serves as a credible 3rd party report for external stakeholders; But not really reliable; I will not rely on these if I am looking at my vendors!

Icdg58sibthted6rvpte Github

Engineering tasks are exclusively tracked on Github Issues.

Sltm7u0j9zkcqhi85yhd Hipchat

Sort of works but the notifications for live chats must be the worst after Google Hangouts.

Mtkfvuvbxgjdkzaadsm9 Confluence

Overrated; Atlassian as a company does not seem to care for customer service. Honestly surprised by company's overall success. But I guess they have been "smart" by being in a space where there will never be one winner because everybody hates the software they use.

Cg2jt723bmae6hwar3dm Amazon Web Services (AWS)