Robert Morris




January 04, 2016

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Osjdlt1af2ayazblcbng American Express (AMEX)

It is great because they were the first to offer credit, have a pay over time option to manage cash flow, integration with Expensify, and employee controls. Not great depending on the your situation is that they offer charge cards, not credit cards, so the credit limit can be hard to manage against.

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I haven't printed anything in months. We moved offices and I haven't set up the printer again. Really gets the balance between simplicity and control right.

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Srryug6xfxwn2liqfgrt Clerky

Not super flexible but great for the standard documents, especially safe financing to make sure it is done and done right without expensive attorney involvement.

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They help you get set-up and it is definitely a step up from a spreadsheet.

Ri8qrnfaxhbociiwo5el Salesforce

We switched away from Salesforce because it was too complicated to self-implement and many of the things that people who say they love Salesforce actually love is 3rd party stuff we weren't buying like Pipedrive. Until you have dedicated sales IT, I would recommend sticking with a CRM with a good API and actually well designed as SaaS like Insightly, Base, ProsperWorks, etc.

Yjzkpctl8kbmhpuddefr Periscope Data

I'd like to 2nd all the things said in the Acunote review. Also, SQL is not that hard and several of our non-technical leaders have learned enough SQL to make simple periscope dashboards.

Password Safe

Not on-line, not centralized, easy to use. Let's people set unique passwords for sites, but discourages password sharing.

Srogi6oxdyhjeosoqtjz Intuit Quickbooks

We use QuickBooks to send out invoices, since it just comes right out of the accounting software, sends by e-mail, and has paper remittance instructions as well as a relatively cheap by credit card option. Doing business with old economy companies, this beats the pants off even the Stripe integration we did a few years back.

Q04crunekc4zwgjl8mzw Google Apps (Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Gmail)

Awesome hosted IT for everyone for $5 employee/month. How can you beat it?

C9rol801izmipbjzdrs8 Zenefits

Zenefits is awesome. It is like having an HR person in house for free.

Mvdnmdoahvaldst90ejo Intercom

We switched from Zendesk. Intecom is way more intuitive and easier to integrate across channels.

Cg2jt723bmae6hwar3dm Amazon Web Services (AWS)

They have 70%+ market share for a reason.

Q04crunekc4zwgjl8mzw Google Apps (Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Gmail)

Until you're huge, spreadsheet is still the best thing for this there is.

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Uberconference is super easy for tech savvy users, but we work with farmers and sometimes they just can't get there because it isn't Google.