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January 16, 2016

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Osjdlt1af2ayazblcbng American Express (AMEX)

We have to have a non-amex card as a backup for when they aren't accepted, but have really happy with amex so far

posted about 5 years ago

I do this too. I'm never going back.

Tgaju9gk9l1yiblpwcvr First Republic Bank

They've been awesome even though their website kind of sucks. The service has been excellent to compensate.

Icdg58sibthted6rvpte Github

We're open source so it was kind of a no-brainer. We love Gitlab too, but our community is on Github.

C9rol801izmipbjzdrs8 Zenefits

Zenefits has been great so far. I wish their App was less slow and admin capabilities was better, but for sake of me not having to spend much time thinking about benefits, problem solved.


It does its job. Nothing special though

Icdg58sibthted6rvpte Github

We're a very engineering focused company so having everything, even non technical tasks, as Github issues/wiki's gives us one common tool that we all use regularly instead of having different information in different tools. We even se github as an Applicant Tracking System for interview with each candidate being an open issue that moves through milestones.

P1iofflrhxq1zcircvpt Google Hangouts

We dont have to ask for some additional contact info like Skype -- just use their email.