Kevin Uhlenhaker

CEO & Co-Founder


Austin Texas Area

January 17, 2017

Reviews 6

Microsoft Teams

I have not been happy with Teams. It is buggy, crashes often, and doesn't reliably deliver messages. The price is good if you already have Office 365, but it does not seem ready for prime time at this point.

C9rol801izmipbjzdrs8 Zenefits

I love Zenefits! The technology just works and their team is always there and ready to help. I would highly recommend!

Xyqiwysb2anjkeln8375 Stripe

Stripe has been easy to setup and use. We are happy with it overall.

X37ibhccarvxwbzaf5xq Join.me

For people just joining a conference, Join.me just works. It can be a bit pricey but I am willing to pay for the convenience of my customers.

Orc1ztcztehaagxyfhzq Microsoft Office 365

It has been a good stable platform. The web client isn't as good as Gmail, but for the most part, we are on Outlook so it not an issue. Overall we are happy with it.

U2w8p12zyr6fuw627d4r Eshares

Eshares has been a great platform for the management of our shares. At least for us the setup took longer than I expected, but now that we are up and running it has been great.