Jason Crawford

Co-Founder & CEO


January 11, 2017

Reviews 17

Hqa0jvmaypttz99mcmuu BrowserStack

BrowserStack is amazing. You just pick an OS and a browser and a version of each, and bam, you're testing that. I was kind of blown away the first time I tried it. Great for reproing bugs reported by users on weird old software, or testing in IE when your whole startup is Mac users.

Icdg58sibthted6rvpte Github

Kind of the standard, not really sure why you'd go anywhere else. Works well and we manage everything through pull requests.

Rvbjmqyqqnzsi8rhqtmo Gusto

Tried ADP, couldn't stand them, left in 3 months. Switched to Gusto and have been happy since. It's simple, clean and attractive, and just works. The tipping point was when our accountants told us that Gusto integrates perfectly with QuickBooks Online (ADP was going to be a lot more work to get the books right).

Gjufpjvzrfmpfbkmcugy CircleCI

Solves a huge pain point for us, which is running our tests in the cloud on many servers in parallel so they complete quickly. The devs have had many frustrations with the UI and support, and they should really have a per-minute pricing rather than per-container. But we are still with them and spending a good amount of money.

Iidrb4bqlc43rm2u4mpg Dropbox

Simple, robust, just works. Having your files locally means they're fast and don't depend on network access, which is great.

Q04crunekc4zwgjl8mzw Google Apps (Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Gmail)

Not sure how you can run a company without Google Apps; between Gmail, Docs, and Sheets it's your standard office suite in the cloud. Kind of boring but it works

Hfovekijkkfdwbnufnde MailGun

Simple SMTP hosting that mostly just works. Support is not great, have filed a couple tickets and not gotten super-helpful responses. Still with them though.

Fswoqm4jcm4qjy9ob4xm Heroku

Simple and just works: git push heroku master. Takes a huge ops load off your team vs. rolling your own, even if you're using AWS EC2. No real vendor lock-in; you just write regular apps and deploy them.

Lqgwcyeodk5z2oakss2k Typeform

Clean UI that focuses users on one question at a time and works great on mobile.

Sm4sydjlnp0edbimh9qh Custom Ink

Haven't tried any others but CustomInk worked well for us; we got the shirts we wanted, decent quality, clear and usable interface, clear terms re pricing & ship dates. Would use again

Ctjpx6gf1afyoqxsql7e Slack

Slack is great and has mostly replaced internal email for us. There is a risk of creating a culture of distraction; use it wisely! Pro tip: Create more channels than you think you need—don't discuss everything in #general, create a channel for every project! Channels can be narrow and short-lived.

Mvdnmdoahvaldst90ejo Intercom

Intercom is awesome. Having it in our app lets us give instant support to users when they're having trouble, and gets us so much user feedback. Having it on our homepage gets us instant sales chat and helps us close deals. A great way to stay connected to your users.

Myymnvgzgeysn4auea8b MailChimp

Works well, easy to send nice emails, complies with anti-spam laws, gives people one-click unsubscribe. Good for sending mass updates like new-feature announcements to your userbase.

Kfa53sqv0ulfjmyg6hip DNSimple

Lives up to its name: simple, clean, just works. Good customer service. I move all my domains here no matter where I register them.

P1iofflrhxq1zcircvpt Google Hangouts

Kind of a default option. I wish there were something better but I've tried so many video conferencing / screen-sharing solutions and they all have the same problems: (1) Half the time, someone has trouble signing in and you spent the first 10–15 minutes just getting the tech to work; (2) when you do connect there's often audio/video quality problems. I use a regular phone for voice whenever possible.

Qrabmvvneojkxcdt7bof Lastpass

LastPass and 1Password are pretty much the standard for password management. Ever since I've used it I don't worry about passwords getting stolen, and when a site I use is compromised, it's trivial to change my password. Also lets you securely share credentials with team or family.


Captures a lot of context around client-side JS errors, including the user events, log messages and network requests that happened right before the error. Pretty useful for webapps.