Ian Hunter



November 22, 2015

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Birvcbllt31xfde8nzlg Zenhub

I wish I could figure out how to use this software. All the real functionality is hidden away within impossible to find screens. Feels like the designers went a bit nuts on this. I ended up going with Zube. An agile board built off GH issues with support for sprints. I wish these guys could figure out that complexity != powerful software.

Fswoqm4jcm4qjy9ob4xm Heroku

Not having to worry about ops is huge - Security updates and metrics are managed for you. Super nice to just git push and be live. Bit expensive but it's worth it to have less headache.

Rdp4gwwdaiuqsxtveamn Amplitude

Incredibly powerful dashboard / charting tool from your analytics. Lots of view options. Just getting started but this is incredibly promising!

M7rmhwobzvf17nnhbyka Akamai

Avygdirwttgyjubykli4 Bitbucket by Atlassian

It's so hard to use @bitbucket after using @github. The workflow / tools / interface just generally feels so inferior. The HUGE plus to @bitbucket is that it allows unlimited private repositories, which @github doesn't.

Epzzfxp6odgnoxaey2cf Airbrake

Surprised they're still working on this. Do not recommend using.

Q7gevkwky92ocss0juel Rollbar

Has been great for me. At the time they were the only ones doing web JS tracking + backend tracking, but I believe @sentry, @bugsnag and everyone else is doing this now. Could use a facelift compared to @bugsnag

L2yjt0gujvhqqiqy64n8 Waffle

Relying on Github issues is fantastic, devs can close out tickets from the command line.

Wpznwphlv5uwgpnv97b8 101Domain

Terrible interface but I haven't found a better breadth-wise TLD provider

Vmdmf3ca8cscbdwwpydj Postmark

I use postmark for most things now, huge PLUS is that they make the DKIM/SPF insanely easy. Downside to that is that it's a giant pain in the ass to do greyhat stuff. @sendgrid is the choice for that sort of thing.

Vthzdhkuza2ymo0fo6e2 Algolia

Insanely fast (< 100ms, usually in the 10's), took under an hour to implement Great cross-language suppport and multi-stage support, as easy as a flag and you ran run prod vs staging. You're using it now if you do any sort of search.

Xyqiwysb2anjkeln8375 Stripe

Can't imagine using any other service at this point.

Rtejvljovdq2vvhaa69w Hired

So expensive. But hey, they send you a bottle of Dom Perignon.

Td9jyyylwltmoucnccpm Mixpanel

If you need a vanilla implementation, this will probably work. Don't expect to be able to get your data out.

posted over 4 years ago

When you say get your data out, do you mean your raw data or doing more complex queries?

posted over 4 years ago

Mostly talking about raw data, found it impossible to get at anything we can warehouse and do anything higher level with. Was always told by customer support that there's no way to pull data out or even use the API to walk everything and persist elsewhere. Nowadays I use @segment to dump the data somewhere I can query against but still aggregate out to other solutions + @mixpanel to do funnels + basic cohorts and segment

posted over 4 years ago

Odd. You can export your raw data out at any time as well as use our aggregate calculation APIs. Query access is coming really soon. We have a beta if you're interested.

Icdg58sibthted6rvpte Github

Not only for repository management, but I use the ticketing for tracking tasks. @zenhub is a good addon with this.