Greg Belote


Founder & CTO


January 22, 2016

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This service is fantastic, they have the best recordings that I've seen so far (I've only tried ClickTale and Mouseflow). Unlike some competitors, they seem to record actual HTML that the user sees so it works well for very dynamic, user-customized pages. The dashboard is really easy to use and have some nice features like "rage clicks" or search by CSS clicked.

Unoaempubqd52uvb1fl2 Kissmetrics

I like their event tracking a lot and I mostly use KM for their "people search" feature to dig into user activity. However, it's a "you get out what you put in" sort of analytics tool.

Zcqyacvc509kq4icarki Sendwithus

Great, responsive team. They've gone out of their way to add features for us (e.g. log API so we can tie email opens/clicks back into our app). We have 60+ different transactional emails that we send through them. Our setup allows some team members to edit/tweak email templates without having to access our codebase. Lately SWU has added some great features like built-in device previews with Litmus. The downside is that we did have to invest some time getting setup (our servers send JSON to SWU for each email template, which took more code writing than using Rails's built-in ActiveMailer stuff) and it's harder to do automated tests on email or roll out changes to email layouts.

C9rol801izmipbjzdrs8 Zenefits

Xyqiwysb2anjkeln8375 Stripe

Fswoqm4jcm4qjy9ob4xm Heroku

They have their rough edges sometimes (cost, performance) but that's dwarfed by ease of use. We don't have time to deal with DevOps. Maybe someday we'll switch to AWS so we can deploy faster (takes us 8min to deploy code via Heroku, partly because we have a slow-to-boot rails app), but "git push" works really well at our stage. $50k in YC credits is sweet, too.

Qpqnkz1ts52b3lshhouc Namecheap

No problems so far, they're my default for personal and business domains. We use them mostly because they aren't GoDaddy.

Rtejvljovdq2vvhaa69w Hired

We found our designer through Hired. When we used them in Q1 2015 they had more promising dev candidates than AngelList's A-List. We wouldn't recommend relying on Hired entirely for recruiting, but we'll be using them as a serious channel for leads next time we do.

I99w7ai5xzdhh7nmko6d Boston Private Bank

BP is absolutely wonderful, we highly recommend. We have a lot of custom needs (e.g. cheap escrow account creation) and so we have a progressive team that helps us. They're very responsive, professional and work to find cheap and practical solutions.

Icdg58sibthted6rvpte Github

Github issues are weak, but we also don't invest a lot of effort into any sort of bug tracking. So this is partly a process/discipline issue on our end.

Ctjpx6gf1afyoqxsql7e Slack

We like Slack. The UX is top notch and for reasons I can't rationalize, seems to make all the difference. We used to use HipChat, which was good, but tried Slack and never looked back. It's easy to add integrations (3rd party or custom). The product is snappy and quick. They have nice features like default-on "do not disturb" so you don't get notifications when trying to sleep unless the sender marks them as urgent.