Jonathan Igner


CEO, Co-founder @ Squiiid, Software Engineer + Design @ SnowShoe

Squiiid (past), SnowShoe (past)

Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco, CA

January 18, 2017

Reviews 5

Iidrb4bqlc43rm2u4mpg Dropbox

We used both Dropbox and Google Drive for our files. The fact that files are available client-side without an internet connection is huge. And based on the type of file, we found it sometimes made more sense to have certain types of files (Keynote files and others not supported by Google Drive, legal and employment files the whole team didn't need access to etc.) living in Dropbox while others more public to the team/requiring editing by multiple parties to live on Google Drive.


Bitium does have a ton of integrations. However, there are a couple places where it hiccups when dealing with complex login scenarios/password-resets. For the most part, it served our purposes well once the team moved past 5 people. A bit pricey, but obviously much safer than a Google Doc.


As an awesome, hardware alternative to Google Hangouts, it provides an easy screen-sharing tool. Makes it possible to use a single video-conferencing/screen sharing solution across the company in almost all cases, even with external partners.

Q04crunekc4zwgjl8mzw Google Apps (Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Gmail)

It still remains as the easiest way to share all types of docs between employees, especially if you're business email is built on top of Gmail. Yes, their interface makes searching/navigating a bit awkward at times, but the ability to co-edit and easily share really makes it a winner.

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An incredible hardware alternative to Google Hangouts (with the ability to join from browser as well). Dedicated computing = great video experience. And the customer service is TOP-NOTCH.