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Zoom is fantastic for large, Brady Bunch-style video chats. We have a distributed team so high quality video conversations is super important.

I LOVE zoom. When we started using it I was amazed at how much better it was than other options. The quality is way, way better. The only thing I wish it had better support for is permanent rooms that anyone on a team can join (and maybe it does and I've missed it).

Pro: Quality, reliability, Slack integration, great screen sharing. Con: It's just ugly.

Much much better than Hangouts. Scales super well - great for small group meetings and huge all-hands meetings.

Super reliable audio/video connection. Much better than Skype or Hangouts

Seems to be the only option as soon as you want to have a reliable conference system with recording capabilities.

We use Ring Central which uses Zoom for video conferencing and screen sharing. It is simple to use, has a very well integrated interface and makes sharing and conferencing an enjoyable, productive experience.

They are awesome even in a low-bandwith setup

Zoom is probably the best conferencing software outta there. It has very stable stream and higher definition than anything else outta there.

We cycle through all the apps - we currently use slack as default as it seems like we have the LEAST tech problems with audio / video and the interface is simple.

The most reliable videoconferencing I've ever tried.

Most stable, free video conf product I've tried. (And I've tried them all)

Consistently reliable connectivity, screenshare and dial-in function, can have at least 10, if not more, participants

Zoom is better than Hangouts for us, but we'll probably switch as soon as Slack releases a competing product with the ability to call-in for a group of 50.

We use Zoom for meeting with customers, VCs, candidates, etc. The only thing we tend to run into is that the end user needs to install an app and the delay to get started on a meeting can sometimes take a little too long. Would love to see something like WebRTC support so that the app can just be opened without install.

It has worked pretty well for us, but it doesn't seem like anything special.

Simple to use and integrates well across devices

Much more consistent than Hangouts or Skype, and useful for sales demos


I'm not a hardcore video conference user, but Zoom seems to work fine for my purposes.

Easy to use, reliable and great VOIP stability.

We struggled with Hangouts for so long...this has been great for our 10 person team.