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Zenefits runs your benefits, so you can run your business. Get affordable benefits for your company in minutes. Then set and forget them.




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Don't have to lift a finger, just works. Not as polished as I'd expect. If I was starting from scratch, I'd probably have gone with Gusto.

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We previously used Zenefits for our benefits and the account setup was a nightmare. They set up our medical insurance incorrectly, which Gusto had to fix.

They make it fairly easy and I have few complaints. The site has been a little buggy in the past, but I think it works better now.

Zenefits is awesome. It is like having an HR person in house for free.

Not Recommended

They messed up our healthcare two years in a row and we almost had employees go uninsured one year. I would NEVER use this vendor again.

It can be rough at times, but does make us appear to be more professional and gets the job done.

It's decent. We use it because we enrolled a while ago and it's free. Planning to switch to Gusto during the next insurance window. Our experience with their Customer Support is rather poor.

I love Zenefits! The technology just works and their team is always there and ready to help. I would highly recommend!

No. Long on errors and short on customer support. Little attention to customer feature requests and work-arounds.


Easy to use interface. Customer support is highly responsive.

Zenefits has been great so far. I wish their App was less slow and admin capabilities was better, but for sake of me not having to spend much time thinking about benefits, problem solved.


good support


Making changes takes forever and everything requires a phone call

still too manual, I very much dislike the middleman they use

Removes the headache of all the paperwork.

Had a really horrendous experience getting it set up.


Great until I went uninsured due to their oversight.