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(This is a review for two products: 1) bank verification [e.g. penny deposits] and 2) pulling in financial data for users.) We did a lot of research on this, and tried starting with Yodlee because they gave us a "YC deal". The deal wasn't actually good - like $5K/yr base fee + $0.40/user/mo plus a 2 year contract. Plaid is 1000000x better - founders are great and responsive, goes month by month, and we paid something like $0.25/user. They only serve 10-12 of the banks but they’re the major ones (covered about half of our users’ requests), and they recently did an integration with Intuit’s Partner Solutions (Yodlee competitor) to cover the long tail (credit unions/etc). No one I know uses Yodlee except for Xero, because Xero is a big company and a competitor to Intuit, and Yodlee has an entire team dedicated to helping Xero.