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They have integrated payroll, which was great when we were just starting out. We've had great customer service at our local branch.

Can handle high growth, very flexible if you are have large volumes

No annual fees, but also no cash back or rewards really.

It's nice they have locations everywhere. They make it hard to do things on your own, like sending wires. I wish they would upgrade their self-serve web portal.

Service team is great and responsive; little fees are annoying but not a big deal; I hate the online system "CEO Portal" but my finance lead thinks it's fine.

Good bank - easy to set up in the local branch

Cheap (read: free) to open an account with at least $1000 (I think). No maintenance fees with at least $1000

CEO portal is good. Can make / receive wires with very little effort.

WF is decent, like many service relationships, it really depends on your banker, which I believe is assigned when you open your account. I used a virtual assistant to find the best banker in my area when I was consulting in Nashville and she found me a hustler, but he didn't seem incentivized to support me (despite his being highly responsive via email and phone). So, find a great banker and you'll likely be very happy with Wells Fargo and their consumer quality web/mobile interface.