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You need to invest in screening and giving projects to VAs, but once you find someone or a great agency, it's amazing. I've hired hundreds of temp workers via Upwork (formerly Odesk).

I usually use upwork for translation tasks. Pros: 1/ easy to search and there are more than one options 2/ straight forward to decide on the budget 3/ upworkers are good at documenting their process Cons (personal): since I moved from a developed country to a developing country, hiring PAs becomes easy and affordable. hiring your own PAs is much more efficient for errands (zero click process). i still use upwork for some quick data crunching or design tasks


Upwork is amazing. We've hired several remote assistants and customer service people from Upwork.

Super easy to use, great successes always find someone. Easy to scale

I’d recommend it for specific task that aren’t mission critical like some design work or less technical blog posts. For mission critical projects, I suggest you either go in house or look for a dedicated agency (those aren’t a 100% either). With all this being said, you can still find a diamond in the rough. If you do, hold on to them.

There are many sophisticated people in this community. We have to explain why you are ding this project because empathy is the most important part to work with at remote

Easy to set up, use and I've gotten some great quality candidates here

Biggest one. Works quite well as well. The new mobile app is really helpful to chat with your virtual assistants.

Fees charged by the platform are high and rising. Mixed success with freelancers hired, but overall more positive than negative. Their strongest draw is liquidity: lots of freelancers, lots of projects.

Upwork isn't bad, but it isn't magical either. There's lots of upfront setup work, in terms of filtering and onboarding assistants, and they may or may not be available (or interested) in longer term projects. But they have a pretty giant number of workers, so it can be a fairly effective service way to get repetitive tasks done (like getting logos for all the companies on Founderkit, as one example).