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Works great when it does but also can be a huge pain in the ass every now and then. Need more reliability

Easy to use and allows the flexibility of simple dial-in or VoIP

Uberconference is super easy for tech savvy users, but we work with farmers and sometimes they just can't get there because it isn't Google.

Good for screen sharing when you know you have to do a presentation, otherwise Skype is used for more impromptu chats.

They have a great program for startups. They offer 10 conference lines for free. Their customer service is always phenomenal!

love the simple call in. Screen sharing is not that great.

The social account tie in's give this software the edge

Great way to host web conferences online. Hassle-free

Consistently reliable connectivity, option connect by phone or computer, URL is simple to remember if you don't have it saved

Likes: free, easy to use. Dislikes: annoying hold music, susceptible to a finicky internet connection.

While typically seen as teleconference software, it allows screen sharing and a paid upgrade gets you up to 25 participants, which makes it fine for small webinars. I appreciate its simplicity.

Works only in a few browsers, our partners have hard time figuring it out

Only allows domestic calling out. No video. Requires users to sign up if they want to join via web.

Works well, except that companies with firewalls sometimes block it

Quick and easy setup, provides call in number that stays the same, no pin needed


Allows for video conference and phone dial in at the same time and is free


Very easy for our clients to use. No download, no pin, screenshare works really well.

Works superbly and well in tandem with Switch + is free