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It requires a little more thought on your part on how to organize it, but at a small size, the flexibility is great. It's grown with us through a few iterations of our processes as we grow

Works at very small scale. Would switch to something like Github issues for a larger team.

Good, but not very structured once you get big.

I love it for the tasks, will be meh for bug tracking. Ideal to set up quickly a workload and organize mini sprint, and very collaborative in some extents. is meh for bugtracking for me (don't want to pay to exetnd to bugtacking with github, maybe i should ? )

Trello now offers GitHub integration with their Business Plan in the form of Power Ups. We're trying out Trello cards to track everything (hardware, software, business action items) and reference GitHub pull requests in the cards.

Its simple and very easy to use for Kanban style task management. We use it for Agile. Once your team gets to be larger than 30, and you find yourself with more than 50 boards, it's time to consider a more enterprise tool.

Can be useful but most of our organizational is more ad hoc (e.g. email, talking in person, pieces of paper). We struggle with the discipline to stick with one project management solution.

Trello is a very lightweight project collaboration and bug management tool that is especially suitable for small teams, but not for larger teams.

Great tool for tasking and organizing tasks with specific details. Subtasks feature is also very useful for us. We use it for some specific documentation as well.

I think trello is a simple and powerful tool.

Good for roadmaps, hard for tracking complicated task lists. Think Asana works better for those task lists.

A simple and nice product for managing tasks. Use it for a roadmap of our product

It is a nice tool that make me schedule my work and easy to communicate with my team

Very intuitive and easy to use. Accesible price and a lot of people know how to use it.

it looks a play too much like a game for a child. The flashcards don't feel very efficient

Pretty organized. Help small team get organized

Trello is great for small teams (included people outside the organisation) to track projects and tasks. You need to make sure all team members use it daily though.

Trello is simple and easy. Much less fussy than the other tools out there. We use Asana because we wanted a bit more power / flexibility, but Trello is hard to beat.

Love it. It's been particularly great with their Slack integration where we can create tasks/bugs right from a Slack channel.

Trello cards are flexible to move around and it integrates with other services. It's also free.

Really does anything compare? This works for everything from task management to content marketing work flow. Integrations with Slack and other apps make it one of the must have tools.

Trello is perfect for small teams due to its simplicity, but lacks in a couple areas once you have around 5+ people active on a board.

It's project management lite -- it breaks as the team grows, but it perfect for smaller teams or projects.

It's hard to beat Trello for basic task tracking and simple collaboration. I'd recommend software teams to active the Github power-up as well as the Slack integration to close the collaboration loop and get a little more structure when referencing issues, bugs, code refs.


Doubt there's anything better than paper/whiteboard for this. But if you have to do remote task management, then you'll need something, and Trello is one of the better options. Task management is one of those things that everyone wants to reinvent, and Trello makes reinvention way too easy. But at the same time at least the paradigm is lightweight.


Easy to use for all employees across the board. Easy to learn.

I prefer JIRA as you have more control over your workflow, attachments, etc but Trello is good for early stage startups.

No better way I've found to track task state.

Very flexible. Will work as planner/bugtracker for smaller teams


Very intuitive and easy to use, it has a lot of useful features. Four our kind of management it is an excelent option.

Simple, intuitive, free. Great for small teams for sure, unknown ability to scale.

I use it personally but the team moved to other applications internally.


Trello is very open-ended, and we can use it to implement our process

Chaotic. Good only in tiny scope/very specific needs.

The only tracking system I've ever successfully gotten non-techies to adopt. That's a big deal.


Easy to use


It's flexible, but hard to get your employees to understand flow without documentation and explanation.

Trello is the most flexible. We have hit inflection point where its structure and ability to map dependencies has been lacking enough to question, but for both individual tasks and shared tasks it works well enough that we never actually migrated off.

We use Github for development related tasks, but Trello excellent for managing marketing and other workflow. E.g. - blog post ideas can go up on an Ideas card, get assigned to someone, and then they can move it down the line of cards from Ideas to In Process to Ready for Review to Published.

Good for starting ojt, but doesn't scale to more then 15 people

Perfect for small teams (< 10), lightweight and no fluff.

Trello is really easy to use, has great mobile apps, and is flexible enough to do whatever you want.