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Stripe is a simple, developer-friendly way to accept payments online.




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Stripe is great, easy to start, easy to implement, with a warning. US based services are fine, we are a lot of errors there in Europe uniquely based on the location of Stripe (even with an European account) The non management of 3D secure could be a problem too (in France, lots of banks use it.

130 currencies processed from day 1. Apple Pay in many markets. AliPay in China. Responsive.

Great API. Easy to use. Uptime is fantastic. Rate discounts are available after a certain volume

Stripe is a company I admire greatly. After I like their product, I tend to read up more about them from time to time. Not only have I implemented Stripe on most of the apps I worked on (including ones for the Chinese Market -- Alipay to the rescue after much struggle with other payment systems). I'm also excited about the future that Stripe Atlas brings.

Simply amazing. Great docs with examples in most major languages. Their support could be better with some of their beta features.

Love + combination.

Getting it setup is easy - pulling meaningful data from it is challenging. We ended up replicating a lot of Stripe data in our own database and pulling our own metrics.

Absolutely best of breed. Their API is bar none and they continue to improve quarter after quarter.

Easy to use, easy to set up, and has never failed us.

Easiest to setup, rates are fine, super reliable

So relatively easy to work with and it does keep evolving towards being a more comprehensive solution for more corner cases of financial processing (eg ACH, more international coverage)

Its simple to use and can be connected with various 3rd party applications. Their invoicing system is not that great, I am using simple invoice for keeping it plain and more understandable to my clients.

Been a user of Stripe since day one of their launch. Excellent site, api and service.

Would like a better program around micropayments as the standard rates are too expensive for services with very small transactions.

Simple API, but a little too simple... setting up multiple recurring monthly/annual plans can be painful.

I personally find Stripe to be the easiest plug-n-go API service for making payments. People who frequent the world of startups will be delightfully surprised when they see their email saves to Stripe regardless of the website using it.

Easy to use, and reliable. Would definitely recommend.

Stripe is a very flexible and affordable payment gateway which can be integrated easily.

Great Credit Card Processing. Easy to set up

Its the best one out there and the support is really good.

Great service, great people, love everything.

Just switch from Paypal to stipe, so far so good.

What's better than Stripe? I have yet to find it.

Has everything we need, streamlined, no complaints

Seamless integration and ease of use Along with reoccuring payments. Stripe has set a new standard when it comes to payment tools.

Lots of integration options and very easy to get up and running

It's hard not to love Stripe. I can't really picture using anything else for card processing.

Simply the best payments API out there. Thorough documentation with examples in different languages. Excellent support.

Everything they say about the API is true. But Stripe can be pretty crude if you have to integrate with QB.

Simple to setup and integrates with everything or works fine standalone.

Does the job but it does hurt to see how much money they take off of each transaction.

Stripe has been easy to setup and use. We are happy with it overall.

Easiest and most reliable integration we have. A benchmark for others.

Great experience with in-app purchasing and setup.


Relatively simple and easy to use. May not be the best price (didn't really check).

Stripe was the only service that our engineering team literally never complained about. Founders are surprisingly available to help.

Can't imagine using any other service at this point.