Streak Reviews & Ratings 2020

The CRM that lives inside Gmail. For sales, marketing—everything.




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I had pretty much given up on CRMs until we found Streak. Brilliant product: completely solves for the task-switching cost that used to keep me from being a good actor in our sales process.


We run all our business processes in Streak (CRM, hiring, bug tracking, etc.) Feels like a spreadsheet but lives in my email, where I do nearly all my work. My team is a huge fan of the email tools: snippets (email templates), email tracking, snooze, mail merge, send later, etc.

Its best for people who love Gmail . Clean and simple


Tried it a few times, really want it to work for all its intended uses, but found it incredibly cumbersome and unintuitive. This said, I've never found a CRM I liked, except maybe @front.

Very customizable right out of the inbox. Would recommend if your customer list < 200, else it can get cumbersome to use.


Perfect solution for lightweight workflows driven off of emails. We would be lost without this.