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I think it's still the best tool for a video conferencing. Everybody has it, the video quality is high, cross-device, supports in browser call and now supports calls right inside Slack

We have a lot of connection drops and participants dropping and calls that just don't complete. Our Internet connections are not the problem. It really seems to have gone down hill fast in the last two years.

You know it's a bad product when you begin every conversation with "Can you hear me now?"

traditional video tool, and have developed a habit

Average. Does the job but does not offer me any marvelous feature.

free and very convenient for group meeting

Works well with communicating with people outside the organisation

i plan to check out others as demands on a community level become obvious, but for now at this stage for just 1-1 communication this is a no brainer

Once the initial connection is made between everyone in the group, using skype for chatting and video conferencing has been simple and reliable for us.

great when it works....wish it didn't hang so often

We're using Skype simply because we haven't found a better alternative.

Price is good for us which is free. Most of the time reliable. When we have big groups we use GHangouts which has also worked well for us.

Doesn't work all the time. Horrible UI since MS took over.

So so.. does the job on the run - often lacks 3 way support

Not Recommended

Ugly, the experience is sketchy at best but we are kinda stuck with it for the time as other platforms have their own issues


best way to easily contact anyone, on any device

not everybody has Skype, and lags when calling people in China

This is the standard, and for me it's tended to work pretty well, at least for one-on-one video calls.


Product is good but not great. If you have something better ... use it.

posted over 3 years ago


low reliability, but free and most of the times works. We also use Go2Meeting

Heavy, clunky, and the spam contact requests get old. Our whole team was incredibly happy to switch over chat to @slack. Wish there was something Slack-quality for video chat.

Not the best interface and doesn't allow to use the video for more than 3 participants.