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Awful web interface, terrible company. The last bank I'd ever want to use.

Their security is meh. They send plain text passwords in the forgot password user flow.

The UX is horrible. Chase's is better in every way. But we use them because at least they have events for startups and you do have an actual account manager who knows you. They also have a better brand when interfacing with investors. If their web interphase was friendly and useful it would be the best hands down. I have two accounts: One with them and the other with Chase. They complement each other.

We were drawn to it because of the mobile app, which is pretty rudimentary, but allows for quick balance checks and mobile check deposits. The interface, both on web and on mobile are terrible though. Very difficult to review your transactions, wires, etc.

SVB is a good bank for startups generally as offer venture debt and other offerings that appeal to startups. The credit card website is pretty frustrating. E.g. I really wanted an option to pay a bill as soon as it was available. The only option they offered was to pay it a month later or pay it manually, which meant that we hit our credit limit a number of times because it was hard to ensure the bill was being paid promptly.

Cons: Signup process is a joke. The web interface is _ok_. ACH bill payment is terrible. Pro: great service. Free and easy wire transfers. I'm happy with them, would recommend.

Decent, but occasional hidden charges. And UI is not great.

The people at SVB are great, but the web interface is unfortunately quite out of date and frustrating to use. For basic business checking, SVB has been fine for us.

Super helpful and knowledgable team, great value adds for founders

The only bank we could find that didn't need personal guarantees. Just wish they had better rewards cards, right now we are <1% cash back.

App really needs work but overall good.

I love their customer service and online portal is pretty good. Overall experience very good - way much better than with Square1 where we had our previous account.

+: they know startups pretty well -: their apps, website and security are terrible

They sponsored a pre-accelerator we went through, friendly NYC team, quick to service any problems.

Online banking is AWFUL. Everything is very slow. Customer service very unhelpful. I have no idea why everyone uses them.

Pros: Very entrepreneur friendly if you are funded by a reputable VC, accelerator, or angel. Setup was fast and easy relative to a tradtional bank. Cons: Their web UI is clunky and the mobile app feels like it is 4 years old. For a "Silicon Valley" associated financial institution I'd expect a bigger focus on their own technology and UI/UX. That said, how much time do you really spend in your bank's systems?

Not Recommended

really bad for fintech companies; extremely heavy on 100% compliance first and big investors

I prefer concierge type banking services and they've always executed well for us. Their mobile apps could use work.


Excellent service and tech friendly

Great for startups, unlimited global wires, and a sweet YC deal.

Good. But my online account is always blocked. Sometimes annoying.


Their online banking interface is poor.

Their web dashboard is cumbersome to use and we've had issues with downtime.

They've always gone above and beyond for us. Our relationship manager is great.


Of available business banks, SVB seems to just work the best

Hassle free and good deal. Stay away from BOA


We just opened an account with them for W16. The process was easy, it appears to be very serious about security and the online banking is easy to do.

Eh, doesn't seem to be accepted every once in awhile. Not a very powerful card.

I'm fine with them, but I feel like the web portal could be done a lot better. They also haven't really gone above and beyond in any way.


Didn't like the interface or the maintenance fees that showed up.

It was one of the few that would give us a credit card without requiring a personal guarantee.

We've had a fine experience with SVB, but don't feel super strongly about them

Does some things very well (e.g. collateralized credit cards), other things not so well (e.g. no solid API, online banking is somewhat lacking)

This was the default through YC/Clerky. Rarely interacted with them.

Our account manager is really good and helpful. The web ui is painful though.

A little lean (email or call to get things done) but generally good.