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Collaborative screen sharing. You each get your own mouse, and you're both always in control.




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Still works, but when will it be integrated into Slack properly?

We use this for pair programming and troubleshooting with remote teams. It's fantastic.

Lowest audio latency I've ever seen for ANY voice app. Period.

We really wanted to like screenhero at SocialWeaver. We spent a couple of weeks using it for our standup calls and development sessions. Unfortunately, we experienced a lot of issues with it. Often times the screen becomes blurry or there's too much echo that would render the whole thing unusable. We will definitely revisit Screenhero in the future, but for now I am afraid that even Skype is more reliable.

Screenhero was amazing for our development team which was based in two different offices (San Francisco and Saint Louis). We leveraged Screenhero for code reviews, pair programming and debugging particularly thorny issues. We were huge fans of the service!

By far the best pair programming tool we've found (if everyone is on a Mac)

When it works it is great, but it is still a little buggy.

Seems to work more consistently than other services. It would be better if they finally integrated into Slack calling.

Best screensharing experience I've ever had. Can't wait til it's a part of Slack.