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Documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and chat in one simple interface.




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In Quip, chat is attached to documents, so it’s less likely to be completely off-topic or distracting (compared to Slack).

The new design is great. Took a while to be finally refreshed, but the latest version is less bulky/heavy than before. It may not be perfect or as full featured as Google G Suite, but it's the only product that feels designed for mobile *and* web/desktop.

Quip is cleaner and easier to manage several docs than the wildly popular Google Docs.

Quip is hands down my #1 favorite tool. We rarely use email at all because most discussions happen on Slack or Quip. Pros: Simplicity is awesome. It's important to treat People and Documents as first class entities in a document (or just as links). Embedded code formatting and highlighting works well enough (funny but so many products don't get this right). I wanted to give Notion a try (mad impressive!) but just its complexity didn't feel right (and they are more expensive). Cons: this is a very competitive space and many popular options are free. I've recommended Quip to endless people and many still find the $10/person/month price expensive. Wishlist: - Can't import from markdown (not just export to markdown) - Can't keep code color when exporting to other formats or printing. - There's a way to do markdown-style table, not excel-style table.

Easy to connect collaboration with Chat, and helpful for driving transparency. Beyond that though it can be a massive distraction to have docs and chat integrated, and tough to prioritize information and chat simultaneously

Quip is amazingly simple to use. Highly recommend for all the task makers to circulate with their friends.


Fast, flexible, and simple.