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Outbound platform engineered from the ground up for sales.




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I've tried a lot of sales automation products , and PersistIQ is the first product that does exactly that I need it to do. Team is very responsive and will also help give you tips on improving your campaigns. Don't forget the YC discount.

Awesome solution - the one gap in my mind was call logging, but either they have it now or it's imminently to be released

Awesome founders and very easy to use product. We tried Outreach and Sendbloom - we were 100% convinced PersistIQ was the way to go.

This service is a must have if you also use Salesforce. Integration is a killer feature

Awesome interface and great software.

it handles one thing very well: managing and sending outbound email campaigns. solid product, no complaints.


great founders, super responsive!

We haven't used it for very long, but we did try another one and preferred this.