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Easy to compose beautiful emails for non technical founders.

Low pricing, decent tracking functionality, dynamic template integration is solid, good delivery rates.

Don't believe their click tracking statistics; they don't take even the most basic steps to filter out automated clicks from spam filters (common in China, schools, etc.). This also means their A/B testing isn't worth much. Also, deliverability is often a problem.

I have a simple mailing list that I email once a week. MailChimp is super easy to set up, their tracking and reporting tools are more than enough for me, and they've got lots of great templates. However, I do wish their template editor was more powerful and reliable. For example, the rich text editor they use is somewhat buggy.

MailChimp is really simple and easy to use for sending newsletters. I'm not gonna lie, though, the lovable brand is probably the single biggest factor that drove us there and has kept us there to date.


It does a great job at newsletter management and template edit controls. You'll need to use Mandrill for transactional API-based email sending like Mailgun offers. The integration between Mailchimp and Mandrill is a bit poor because it requires you to manually export templates between the two dashboards.

We've been using it for awhile, and it works well. We haven't had any needs that it didn't deliver on.


For the most part it just works. Nice api integrations are available, too. Their templating interface sucks, but it's hard to blame them - html for emails is painful.


We use Mailchimp for our automated email campaigns. Works well now, but seems expensive with larger lists.

Just started using this product. Will share a detailed review in a few weeks time.

It's a great platform. Easy to use and simple platform.

I like the fact that MailChimp provides free services which can do almost all the job we need for email marketing.

Mailchimp is simple, clean and easy to use.

Good tool for email marketing and news letter services

MailChimp campaigns have been very useful for reaching my subscribers.

Super easy to use and to do what you need it todo

easy and simple to create email marketing and also automation is much easier than other product

One of the best for Automation and Email Marketing. Lots of possibilities: customisations, triggers, design and segmentation!

It's quick and simple to get a mailing list set up.

Mobile App funnel integration missing: We can't integrate our app events and segment the users who are stuck on a particular event.

Easy and intuitive to use with all the features necessary for efficient E-mail marketing .

Free, easy to use. Has great templates as a starting point.

A no fuss email marketing solution that makes it easy for any team member to use. The segmentation has improved and it is easy to find people to help you build from scratch or just use their drag ad drop.

Very easy to use and a great for free plan that has everything you need to start with

use it because its the first choice, may not be the best though.

One of the most easy used Email Marketing tools

Bit hard to find stuff but it works

Because is free and very user friendly, is perfect for a startup

I haven't tried anything else so to speak, but MailChimp has everything that is needed to collect the email addresses from the various places and send a bulk mail to everyone on the list to a point that you can customize emails based on selective addresses that you want to send.

simple , not too many options which is enough at this stage for my project

Great tool to aggregate and reach out to customers and prospects

Mail Chimp is a great email service to use when starting-out and scales rather well when opting for the enterprise packages.

Great company with powerful UX. Like that they are adding new features and data tools.

Nice and simple to use, free to start with

Simple to use, great delivery rates, but expensive.

This tool is super easy to use and can help you produce beautiful emails. The downsides are the email address limitations for each pay level don't align so well and emails almost always end up in gmail's promotions tab where they aren't seen (which perhaps is common for all email automation now, but we are looking for a way around).

Still learning and hopefully to master it.

Easy to send emails to list of subscribers

Simple and easy to use service that remains my top choice for last 5 years. The templates are clean and covers most use case for newsletter or updates.

It's the perfect tool to start with. No entry fees and really easy to use.

Easy to setup and import our existing spreadsheet emails. So far the free plan has sufficed for our mailing needs

I'm not a big fan of the interface as I regularly forget where things are and get lost, but you can do everything with very simple to use tools, and it's easy to integrate your email lists with your projects

Everything we need except for the easy ability to create custom sections that can be used within a template. You can either customize their template and then you can move whatever you want around, or you can create your own template out of code. You can't create a template that you can then modify.

Free, but basic and hard to get it to work / look how you want

The one I'm most familiar with. It has worked well for me on the free version and has excellent templates and easily understood to be customized for your needs.

Sending emails in a simple way, and easy to teach to the rest or new peers in the team

great user experience, easy to use

Our clients love using this tool for their drip email marketing campaigns in conjunction with any digital ads they may be running. MailChimp is a great resource to help build monthly newsletters and optimize them for an efficient delivery through A/B testing and their advanced analytics. Our e-commerce clients love Mailchimp most of all, as they allow you to connect your shopping cart to help track orders and automate follow up messages.

Pricey at scale but not a bad solution for just starting out with newsletter marketing.

Gets the job done. Great form building tools for spinning up landing pages and lead capture campaigns.

Works well, easy to send nice emails, complies with anti-spam laws, gives people one-click unsubscribe. Good for sending mass updates like new-feature announcements to your userbase.

Easy to manage and use by anyone. Quick setup

The core features are well rounded but Segmentation across systems (Segment, Salesforce, Marketo...) does not come in easy

Pretty slow sending process, not a great platform

It's not the most intuitive to use, but if you just want to get something out that's a bit prettier than you can do on your own, and get some decent stats on it, then it's perfect.

Simple and easy to use. Being able to drag and drop spreadsheets in is helpful.

Easy to use and scale-up use over time. Pretty decent pricing but can get significant cost if you send out very large mailings (50K) every week.

They are affordable and the industry standard. I think they put a lot into UI and have tons of support videos and articles.

very simple, can get expensive with a large user base, if it's the case prefer same features but more affordable

Works well enough for routine marketing email, but difficult to use it in managing sales campaigns.

Really like it. Only used basic features.


Easy to integrate and meshes with our programmatic mail via Mandrill


Works fine. Didn't really shop around or do any comparisons.

Mailchimp is awesome. Period. Great interface, just works, they care about design.