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I've used Join.Me a ton. Although it can have a hiccup from time to time, it's very simple to use and remarkably high quality audio.

Speedy and reliable... most of the time. Love how easy it is to add your branding and messaging

Super easy to use when working with customers. With no plug ins or anything, it's easy to get sharing going. Price for what you get is a deal.


All the video streams are put in a circle which can be rather annoying when trying to demo products. But, they don't require the end user to install or signup for anything so that's nice, and they were a bit cheaper when we went with them.

Lots of browser compatibility issues especially with Chrome on Mac

I really struggle with even though it has promising parts. The phone app is pretty good, simple to use and able to participate or facilitate on a call on the go. But the integration with Google Calendar is poor, often not creating the actual meetings. Also, unless you download the app on desktop or mobile you cannot share screens. The user experience is very hard when trying to get external participants to install the app. Occasionally, the phone quality is poor and drop calls are often enough to be noticeable and feel unprofessional when using with customers. If could resolve these issues and be more stable I think it has the opportunity to be very good. is just a basic solution but it works so why switch out

Initially thought the grass was greener, but after hearing from many others on their videoconferencing / conference call / screen share / recording software, I think it's just a hard space and it's not going to be perfect. I've come to terms with the fact that is the right fit for us and any perceived advantages of others will just be weighed down by other disadvantages that won't have.

For people just joining a conference, just works. It can be a bit pricey but I am willing to pay for the convenience of my customers.

Super lightweight for screensharing. No setup and users are on right away. Audio conferencing is spotty.

free, not install on the client side, audio quality varies

Reliable for doing demos if you have large enterprise customers


Quick and easy, reliable, simple for new users to download and launch