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Issue and project tracking for software teams




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This software is the devil. I wish we used pivotal tracker or something else simpler

Good pricing for startups. Solid tools. Lots of room to grow into the tools. Very rich and useful features stack that becomes more relevant and used by the day.


Lots of things to complain about with JIRA, but overall, gets the job done. Would love to compare against other products that people have found work well in this category.

Hosted version was too slow to use. We had to host it ourselves, which worked for awhile, but the team got sick of the overhead of maintaining structure to the task list.

Ability to customize workflow to exact team needs.

We like the tool. It's easy to use and has a lot of functionalities.

Great tool for agile / scrum methodologies including sprints and backlog management.

It's robust, but quite cumbersome and dated

We develop add-ons for JIRA so obviously we use JIRA, but I can't tell that we love it

It can do everything, but it's complex and often hard to figure out.

Been a long time user. Great and versatile tool for the whole team!

Feels a little antiquated and clunky sometimes. But, provides a lot of customizations. And software engineers are generally familiar with it.

Like the agile/sprint format. Good for tagging projects. Like the idea>dev>qa>live flow

JIRA is helping us every day with managing all of our technical HR. All of the product development process goes through Jira. It has become the number one place for the development team to organize and collaborate.

I'll admit, it can be daunting to customize, but once you wrap your head around workflows, etc. JIRA is hands down the best issue/bug/task tracking software available on the market.

Works for development. Has a learning curve, but once you use it enough and get it configured is a good tool.

super complicated to set up for us, not great for small teams.

Lots of features, good integrations, easy to use

Reviewed this one elsewhere. Solid tools, with good histories, and the Sourcetree/Hipchat integrations are very useful.

It's not cheap, but overall the Atlassian stack makes us super productive

it's not perfect but nothing seems to be

Probably the best and industry standard for issue and bug tracking for modern SaaS companies.


I had set up BitBucket (also from Atlassian) and it was just easiest to add Issue tracking through the same UI.


Major improvements have been made in Jira, it's actually quite good now.

We use Bamboo for testing and deployment, and Jira is well integrated.

Very customizable (perhaps too much so) but not too opinionated.


We prefer to keep tasks & bugs in the same place, so use JIRA for both.

Very heavy-weight, but makes sense for a large engineering team.


Wish it had a native mobile app