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Waaay too pricey for a product without revenue

Pros: Intercom really set the standard for live chat UI. The customer experience is so good and easy to use. Cons: As they have grown a lot of customers have begun abusing the automated chat alerts to the point that many potential customers abandon the site as soon as they see the Intercom icon in the bottom right corner. Hopefully they will allow icon customization in the future to avoid this. I also worry that because of the agressive nature of the popups that they may get blocked by major ad blockers in the future.


Extremely pricey since based on number of users (inactive or active), but amazing product overall.

Amazing for customer support, not so good for event tracking.

Intercom for helpdesk is a no-brainer. It does alone what we previously used a good 3-4 subscriptions to do, and does so in many ways much better as well. The chat works very well, and a substantial (if limited) API allows you to build easily on top.

We switched from Zendesk. Intecom is way more intuitive and easier to integrate across channels.

Not Recommended

Ridiculously overpriced and overcomplicated product. I think we've hit peak "Intercom live chat" as I just want to block them, when they are integrated.

Does a fairly good job. But the webapp is slow and there are some strange limitations in the API

Intercom has several uses without feeling overburdened with features. Integrates very easily with your own web-app.

It gets super expensive. We're only using it to answer and assign support emails so far, and we're not doing much in terms of tracking and sending automated stuff.


For help desk type stuff - it's like a few other products out there....except that it's being improved VERY rapidly and most of the time it's intuitive and just works. A unexpected bonus was that their documentation is So. Damn. Good. We had a non-coding employee learn best practices from it and actually just start driving ways that we used it and integrated it with our product.


Best thing we've tried, we pay them quite a lot at this point but it's worth it.

Its awesome. It doesnt integrate natively with Hubspot but it has an awesome UX and functionality. It does get pricey.

Does lots of things but not all of them perfectly

Definitely a must for every brand. We use it to fuel up our business. I like that Intercom has enabled me to create a unique experience for visitors to our web page as it is very easy to customize to meet our needs. In addition, Intercom integrates well with other applications and we have used it in our shopify store and the integration was easy to do. Intercom's support is quick to resolve any problems or challenges I might have and this has been very helpful especially during setting up Intercom on my website. Further, Intercom has a very professional and easy to use interface that is also navigable. To add on that, Intercom provides the tools that I can use to build campaigns, send mass emails to my clients and segment them all in one platform.

Intercom is a core part of our stack. Makes automating customer success and sales super easy, and integrates with just about everything.

Easy to use, with a great UX. And they give Early Stage Plan to startups for a year.

Simple to connect and use with little configuration to set.

Intercom is absolutely the best app we have used for managing help desk, and we have tried a couple :)

Intercom is so much more than just email integration. Its features like smart campaigns, knowledge base, bot and so much more. It allows us to deliver a very personal customer support experience for our users.

Awesome way to connect with customers (or potential customers)

Love how much they invest in their service.

Great to have all our customer facing tools in one app. Being able to use the live chat to talk to customers has been very helpful for growth and customer satisfaction.

easy to use and manage. We've cut down on tickets dramatically since integrating intercom

their API is easy to integrate wit all platforms

It is a easy solution for live chat. Had good experience and recommended for single product line.

This refers to Intercom Message product + Lovely design, both for agents and customers - Ticketing system is not ideal. It's hard to create a new ticket - Email cross-over is funky (CCs, etc) It's a lovely option unless you are going to use it to run a pretty large ticketing customer support solution.

It's super easy to start with, and then has so many cool features to explore. All our chat and email automation towards users runs on Intercom. Sometimes a funny quirk here and there, but generally love the software.

Perfect solution for ecommerce. Intercom's live chat adds a level of trust for our customers.

Intercom is awesome. Having it in our app lets us give instant support to users when they're having trouble, and gets us so much user feedback. Having it on our homepage gets us instant sales chat and helps us close deals. A great way to stay connected to your users.

Streamlined support with live chat and email.

Extremely simple chat, but it can get bogged down if you don't have a solid process for organizing conversation.

Intercom is a clean solution. Fairly simple and intuitive.

It's pricey, but it's such a complete solution. I just wish hey had more data points and stats.

Really great targeting, and consolidated view of all user actions. Great end user experience for chat and easy to use on the company-side.

It's simple to set up, and as you might expect their own customer service is speedy and helpful. I like that anyone can answer queries, that there's desktop alerts, and that it integrates with everything. It's not cheap though...

Intercom can quickly get expensive, but is easy to integrate and gives you lots of options to engage with users exactly when you want to. (On the Engage plan; the one I've used personally.)

Hands down the best way to interact with customer requests.

Intercom is central to our customer support, which is a key part of our user experience. Being "live" for customers and potential customers is a big differentiator. Intercom makes that easy, across all the platforms we run on.

It's awesome, so easy to use, helps coordinate customer chats across your team, and has support for user metadata that is helpful.

Great parts -- fully integrated live chat + email experience + smart messaging platform. Bad parts -- super expensive, can't send new outgoing email messages.

Integrates all communication channels into a centralized hub.

The CRM product is a little lacking, we mainly use it for real-time chat with our users.

Intercom is one of SaaS services that does 80% of most things well enough to be useful at an early stage and minimise the quantity of dedicated tools you'll need.

Overpriced service. It charges per user that just visit your site/app, even if he never sent you a single message and if you've never communicated with him. If you setup email redirect from your [email protected] email to Intercom via Google Groups, it may not work correctly, which may result in loosing emails.

Intercom is an excellent multi-tool, and in the area of e-mail automation and newsletters it is certainly a very simple tool to use once you already have all your users in Intercom.

Great product but gets expensive quickly

Great, but it's starting to hit a ceiling as we grow.

user experience is very good, automation is possible, excellent product,


great tool to get feedback and discuss with your customers, manage support

Excellent segmenting, extensible via api (pushing data points in) pretty straightforward

Responsive, flexible, and most importantly, loved by customers

It's the best. I've heard it can get expensive. I hope it doesn't. I love it.