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Pros: It does everything you need for marketing and sales for at least the first year of the company. The CRM has come a long ways and the eductional content is first rate. Cons: Price. It's super expensive unless you are part of one of the Hubspot partner accelerator programs in which case it's amazingly affordable.

Be very careful, they uncharge you on EVERYTHING. They offer a low monthly rate and then charge you outrageous Product Add On features. Very aggressive sales team and poor product.

User friendly CRM. Still looking for bulk emailing feature.

If content marketing is a priority for your team, Hubspot is a great pick. I don't think they do a good job in explaining all the functionalities - they're definitely worth the price.

Super early, but SideKick is great.

It's full featured with most of the bases covered. Basic features like tracking work pretty well. Browser plug ins are a bit buggy. My regret is that I didn't understand that the first step up in terms of features and service is a huge jump in price. They are not shy in the pricing, but I hear you can negotiate.

Great tool for email marketing. Easy to use.

The Email Templates and the real time tracking we loved about HubSpot. Also the real time inboxes helped us alot to track the email activity. Hubspot also provide us A CRM which consistently updating.

Pretty easy to learn and setup. Compared to other CRMs I've found it to be more straightforward and simpler. Which works for simpler companies like startups, if you're looking for something custom, probably need to look elsewhere. The site isa bit buggy and Chrome extension seems to take down a modern MacBook pro. No matter what, be sure to check out their content, they write about everything sales related

Everything centered into one same suite.

I love Hubspot, intuitive, easy to use from the app as well as the web, and it's encouraging to see a sales pipeline taking shape!

Hubspot is helpful and has tutorial on its website as well

Hubspot changed our company's entire sales lifecycle. Earlier we were struggling to manage the sales lifecycle and now it got much easier to the team as everything is present on the dashboard including the daily activities, tasks, emails and many more. Great product for a startup to get its sales lifecycle.

We will all continue to search for a better CRM - and we all jump on and off Salesforce. For simple Account>Contact>Deals management Hubspot (free) does everything we need and with new launch has a better UI. Lack of reporting kinda kills the free version BUT it fits the bill.... Would LOVE to see inline editing though like salesforceIQ.

Not in love with Hubspot Sales or Hubspot Marketing. They remind me of Microsoft so much! My team was confused for a long time about which product they were on and where to do certain things. Their AdWords campaign mgmt was not intuitive so we abandoned that. People tell us we will end up on SalesForce eventually.