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Heatmaps, visitor recordings and conversion funnels.




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Seems to do the trick. You can get away with the free plan if you don't mind deleting videos every 300 recordings. The only thing I find super weird is that the recordings seem to occur randomly, so you'll often miss the one you wanted to see, which can be pretty frustrating. But perhaps this is how they convince you to upgrade.

Easy to setup, and you can get very useful information about how visitors use your site. Also, the feedback feature is pretty interesting! Oh, and they have a free plan :)

Using it for heat maps. Quite satisfied.

Not as useful as we initially hoped...

I think he has more tools and is quite complete, and also has great technical support.

Great product, simple to set up and to analyse. Currently on the free tier but would definitely get a paid plan as soon as my business generate more revenue.

Both Hotjar and Crazyegg are grat tools for this, we just use hotjar because we got a great perk

Very good value. Easy to use heatmaps and other features like screen recordings (with anonymization). Wish I knew about some of the limitations to it's features like the feedback tab you can't move and on mobile it covers things up.

Simple and easy to use: good heatmaps and videorecordings to understand better how users interact with your products.

Hotjar is incredibly well priced and super powerful!

Easy to set up and get started. + lots of features: recording, heatmap, NPs, etc

Great tool! The videos are real good and we can anonymize the text too. The NPS feature is a bit underdeveloped I must say... and no public API (?!).

Great value - quite affordable for the use cases it solves.