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Heroku is the first and best multi-language cloud application platform, or platform-as-a-service.




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With Heroku, I’ll don’t have to worry about being (or hiring) an ops person and can focus on building my product. Amazing product!

They have their rough edges sometimes (cost, performance) but that's dwarfed by ease of use. We don't have time to deal with DevOps. Maybe someday we'll switch to AWS so we can deploy faster (takes us 8min to deploy code via Heroku, partly because we have a slow-to-boot rails app), but "git push" works really well at our stage. $50k in YC credits is sweet, too.

Easy to get started, but can grow expensive. It has some pretty significant limitations though like max 30s response time before a timeout is thrown.

"git push heroku master" makes it insanely easy to deploy.

Simple and just works: git push heroku master. Takes a huge ops load off your team vs. rolling your own, even if you're using AWS EC2. No real vendor lock-in; you just write regular apps and deploy them.

Simple, although a little expensive. Good early on.

Be careful about thinking you're outgrowing Heroku too soon. Developers != server admins. A custom AWS setup can be a massive time sink that might just slow down your development. You'll pay for it somewhere.

Not having to worry about ops is huge - Security updates and metrics are managed for you. Super nice to just git push and be live. Bit expensive but it's worth it to have less headache.

While I'm biased, we have saved astronomical amounts of time by not worrying about ops at all. Well worth every penny for us.

Super simple, way easier to manage than Amazon AWS itself.


Have used for several products, always great for a quick bootstrap. The new Review Apps functionality is excellent for Github Flow processes.

Great at the beginning, hard to use once you scale and have problems with memory allocation especially.


Was able to get us very, very far without worrying about DevOps--far longer than we should have. Eventually, we hit platform-specific issues that forced us to move. Wouldn't have been worth it without free credit.

50k free yc credits. easy to deploy and manage. Only con we heard was price, but we have that covered via yc

A little rigid at times, and we've had downtime issues, but it saves us a lot of headaches and we don't have to hire a devops staff

Super easy setup. Forget about setting up and managing servers.

We have used heroku for many different things ranging from small to large projects. One of the things I love using Heroku is for their pipeline/ci process. It is super simple and I LOVE the Pull Request apps that can be generated from GitHub PRs

Easy and quick way to host my apps. Reliable service.

Still the best option until you are ready to pay someone for actual devops.

In the early days, and things are small, it saves a ton of time.

expensive, but simple, and lots of tools and monitoring available



It's easy to use and flexible, but not cheap

easy, awesome, and still cheaper than an ops person




Can require a lot of investing in the platform without many performance guarantees; we're mostly on it because of the free credits