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Gusto First Month of Payroll is FREE

We'd love to invite you to put your payroll, benefits, and HR on autopilot with Gusto. First month is free, then $39/month + $6/month per employee. That's it - no fees or extra charges.

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Great UI, terrific support team. Really solid product and just puts this part of our business on autopilot

Clean and simple. Works well for Massachusetts. Healthcare for Mass is ramping up.

Fantastic. Handle the complexities for us of having people in 4 states. It works, It's pretty, I don't think about it, and I trust them. What else could I ask for?

They just launched their benefits offering but so far, I've found the customer service to be excellent.

You still have to go and set up people in different states. I use Justworks

Outstanding - never have to think about payroll. Just happens seamlessly in the background. Alerts me to the the things I need to pay attention to and files everything tax related on my behalf.

Easy to use, reliable and great customer service. Now includes Benefits — so more than just payroll functionality.

Modern UI. Pretty well-built system, though it has it's bugs. Excellent customer support. Excellent multi-state support. Overall, it's the best we've ever used.

Great product built by a great team focused on the long-term. Always getting better.

We use Gusto for benefits and payroll and it's my absolute favorite service when putting my admin hat on. I can't recommend it enough. We were using Zenefits for benefits and switched over to Gusto. The Gusto customer service is 10x better.

Handling regular payroll, consolidating benefits, providing access to the things that our employees request/expect, like 401K, makes it great for our small but growing team.

Beautiful UI. Super responsive support (and rarely needed). New integration into guideline for 401k is great.

Used Gusto at my last startup. Love these guys. Great customer support and a fantastic product.

Awesome support. Product just works. They make all of this dead simple.

great onboarding and ease of use

Always have had a great experience. Was a customer since their early days.


Simple and just works.

Simple to setup and great customer service.

My money ends up in my bank account twice a month so that's pretty cool

Super easy to use. Great customer service - very responsive.


Best support team I've interacted with - questions are never left unanswered and issues resolved quickly.

Joined and I never once had to think about payroll again. It was easier than having "HR service" to support me since the last thing I actually wanted, it turned out, was to be supported. It's literally a perfect product.

It works well. We have been using it for a few years

Gusto just makes life easier. Love it for the support they give.

Amazing. You need to have your incorporation & banking documents in order so that you can set it up quickly. Clear instructions, and colleagues without a business background felt comfortable issuing payroll on their own. Thanks!

Tried ADP, couldn't stand them, left in 3 months. Switched to Gusto and have been happy since. It's simple, clean and attractive, and just works. The tipping point was when our accountants told us that Gusto integrates perfectly with QuickBooks Online (ADP was going to be a lot more work to get the books right).

Who the hell is ever amped with payroll company / app?? Gusto made me amped. Love it from a payee and payor.

Seems to work quite well. We're happy with it!

Simple interface, helpful customer service