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Aside from Chrome's echo issue that happens often, Google Hangouts is great - it just works, even with low bandwidth.

Quality is ok. Lots of dropped connections. Good for team based communication. Don't recommend for customer interactions.

Works well with the chromebox for meetings. The online service is pretty bad, but works.

When it works, it works well. When it doesn't, it's usually a technical issue and you often embarrassingly must switch browsers or mess with your microphone settings.

Pretty flexible and easy to use, but requires Google account. Lag time on video is pretty minimal generally,

Never works the first time. But most people have GMail accounts of some sort so it's available.

Often times sound doesn't work. Video quality flaky. Intend to try another service.

We bought the official Chromebox Hangouts machine that Google sells through Dell and other manufacturers. Very easy one touch internal video conferencing. Also like that the URLs stay the same for a certain channel.

posted almost 5 years ago

Whoa didn't know that existed. Awesome, thanks for suggesting.

Has anyone tried the "Chromebox for Meetings"? Does the actual service differ from the free service, or is it just packaged differently?

Easy to use, across phone and desktop. Great to be able to set up a meeting in Hangouts on Calendar, and send the links to people on any platform to open.

Cheap and easy. I am a big fan of zoom and would consider switching over as we grow.

It built in your google account so it works with your calendar which is nice.

Kind of a default option. I wish there were something better but I've tried so many video conferencing / screen-sharing solutions and they all have the same problems: (1) Half the time, someone has trouble signing in and you spent the first 10–15 minutes just getting the tech to work; (2) when you do connect there's often audio/video quality problems. I use a regular phone for voice whenever possible.

I used Google Hangouts multiple times a day due to the distributed nature of our company (10+ offices globally). The connection could be spotty, but generally the service was intuitive, easy-to-use and had great integrations with the rest of G Suite (e.g., easy integration of a Google Hangout link for any meetings scheduled in Google Calendar).

Versatile; integrates well with Google stack.

It works about 50% of the time. I don't know that Google is to blame, but we've cumulatively wasted hours and hours getting Hangouts set up. We always seem to have issues where someone's mic doesn't work, someone can't hear the rest of us, restart the browser...

Connectivity is not always great, but for the most part easy to use.

Works well for the most part. Sometimes seems to have a glitch, but in general a pretty good tool. We use it with larger groups and most of the time it is good. For free you really can not go wrong.

We use this for team checking and customer meetings. Screenshare is a fantastic option and it's always free.

Terrible if you have more than one Google Apps account..


Not the most reliable


Sometimes buggy but it does the trick for now.


Free, generally works.

Hit or miss on whether people will be able to connect (weird Google Apps permissions), occasional audio issues


Poor connection, typically.

Its sound/video quality sometime is not good enough.

Handles group calls well. Still could be simpler to initiate a call.

Pretty dependable, integrates with Google Calendar, free

We dont have to ask for some additional contact info like Skype -- just use their email.

Sometimes is awesome. Sometimes cuts out.

Works ok but nothing exciting. Wish something integrated with Slack ( does on that note)

It's not AMAZING but it's definitely the best thing out there.

Works well with all the rest of Google Apps stack

Great product. Especially since it's free. We sometimes experience dropped calls

Seems like the least worst thing for impromptu hangouts


No fumbling with client installs

Occasionally sound doesn't work - you have to restart a few times

Inconsistent and doesn't work for larger groups.

It appears to be unprofessional because it is free. It can be glitchy.

Generally works well, when it doesn't you have no idea why and nothing you can do.

Google Hangouts is somehow the quiet killer in the space. Super useful videochat product, just wish they had native mobile apps.

posted almost 5 years ago

They do have a native hangouts app for both Android and iOS, which does both voice and video chats (on top of the standard text chats)