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Significantly more mature than most competitors in the space.

For early stage startups Google Apps is probably a must have. It does everything you need in the beginning and everyone you hire is going to know how to use them.

It's stable and I've never experienced data lost. Sometimes the HTML that Google Docs generates is weird though, e.g. if you want to copy text from a google doc into Gmail.

Using Gmail at work is pretty much essential. The number of plugins and add-ons for the service now makes it more than just an email client – it's central to everything. Being able to easily switch between person and work email and still use the same interface is a huge win too.

The standard that most of our employees have been accustomed to using for years

Solid bread and butter. Has everything you want from it (minus slack integration perhaps), although has gotten a bit expensive lately.

Using anything else is pretty silly at this point.

Great tool for collaboration and comment functionality is a huge productivity win.

We rely on Google Docs, Sheets and Gmail every day.

Gmail is the undisputed champion of email

Awesome hosted IT for everyone for $5 employee/month. How can you beat it?

We used to have sync issues, but since a couple of months it's working great!

would definitely recommend Gmail, Sheets and Docs !

Works well, easy, and everyone knows how to use it. Support is bad. Integration is fine. Works well, easy, and everyone knows how to use it. Support is bad. Integration is fine. Works well, easy, and everyone knows how to use it. Support is bad. Integration is fine. Works well, easy, and everyone knows how to use it. Support is bad. Integration is fine.

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Google Drive allows our Management and Sales Team to organize, share, and edit documents with each other.

I love using Gmail the most and one downside I see in Google apps in no frequent updates for lesser-used apps.

Yes plain vanilla VM as our own mailserver is quite good if you like full control and happy to install software packages and edit code and roll your own solution including understanding SPF, DKIM and optionally DMARC.

Google, while not the cheapest option, does provide for a very easy platform to rollout email, provide document collaboration, and manage the domain.

Seamless workflow accross apps, plus integration with Trello within Gmail is fantastic! Endless data about issues via support discussion forums is also a great value.

Easy Collaboration, seamless mobile and desktop experience.

Google drive is very powerful. It helps a lot for the sharing data and search customer.

Fantastic and helpful for keeping on track

It's inexpensive and easy for everyone to access. However, it doesn't update as automatically as others, and is not visually very nice.

one of the best things we like about it is the amazing search functionality! Although, it’s probably not too surprising seeing as they also run the largest search engine in the world. Did you know that you can search based on the content within a document (regardless of the file name)? Pretty handy. This means you can easily find what you’re looking for, no matter how disorganized you ar

Still on free plan, no longer available. Free, more limited than paid.

I've always liked Google for its integrations and facilities, I like to work in the cloud with my team.

Google apps is a simple way to immediately start making progress on projects and collaborating over new ideas.

Has everything you need to get operational and is very user-friendly.

Free, easy and good enough for different simple things

Good thank you Really nice patch of services

Easy to use and syncs across the platform, integrates with other apps / systems easily

This works really well. We can share docs with the whole team. Bonus is that it is free and costs nothing to use. Wish it worked better on small phone screens. Thanks

Everything in one place is great - Not impressed however with the new Gmail look and being forced to use it

Great suite of services included. Spam filtering is amazing, Gmail app support is a big plus.

Thumbs up for docs and sheets. While generating the idea and filling out our accelerator applications it allows my co-founder and I to work together in real time. I'm still partial to outlook over gmail and dropbox over drive

Quick, easy to scale, easy to set up and use. Would like some pro-level microsoft features in excel or PPT, but otherwise for quick setup and workflow - can't complain. Gmail tools are powerful, and overall Slides/Sheets/Docs gets the job done. Would recommend to others as the easiest way to get going quickly.

Love Google Forms for surveys. Probably the best user experience of all the form apps I've used. Wish it was integrated with dropbox though. Your users can't upload files without logging into drive.

Easy integrations between apps, easy to collaborate.

Its good for quick surveys, may need others for more advanced ones.

Easy to use. Good for Team collaboration.

Google drive is one of the tools we use. Its really easy to setup, everything integrated into gmail. You can also sync easily with local folder.

Shows nice graphs and basic analytics compiled from survey answers

Accessibility allows for real-time team collaboration.

Easy to be familiar with them if you ever worked in Office. Having all docs in the cloud, being able to access them across devices and editing by various people in real time are priceless.

Its great that we are able to share info across the entire team easily and securely


Our main email host: always reliable, always quick.

It's great to share Information that can be edited simultaneously among all team members.

Can be easily accessed offline and keeps us very organised.

Easy to use and collaborate, no matter the platform of your team. Easily share to mobile as well for a team on the go.

All in one place, good integration with other Google services, such as Google Analytics, etc.

The best tools to work together. Super powerful. Don't spend time looking for something else.

It is very easy to use and it has complete tools as well!

Using for documentation , ppt and Proposals and emails

Google Apps makes it easy to share docs among team members and outside constituents, especially those who aren't super tech savvy.

Awesome! Such a smooth experience to manage all your important stuff

We really like sharing things in different folders in drive

The best known of the market and in a large free percentage. Easy to scale if necessary to create a business on this.

Easy to Collaborate on, but slow to open up.

Version control, scheduling and communication made easy.

Google offers a variety of tools that are essential for any business. I personally work with almost all of their tools, and I also recommend to clients.

it's easy to use and share , with your team .

Easy to integrate with other Google suite tools, including Google Keep for task sharing and tracking.

Integrate suite of products makes usage seamless and frictionless

Easy to collaborate with the whole team. Integrated with all other items we use

It has a seamless user experience. And there's a lot of people already on Google so you don't have to onboard your team.

It is free and solves the purpose for an early stage B2B startup. For instance, when you are focussing on building and validating a prototype, you do not need to track a lot of metrics and in such scenarios Google's services are more than enough.

Robust, interoperable, always up, always adding new features, very cost effective. We're thrilled!

Yes . Reliable set of tools and applications for any startup to be cost efficient

Google Forms is not fancy but delivers what's needed.

Google docs is a simple way for us to manage our company's docs. We use their G-Suite for email too so it all integrates nicely.

Complete to manage e-mails and office documents of my team.

It's simple, yet powerful. People are used to it, so the experience ends up being good enough.

FREE and super easy to use... no limits on questions.

I think it is the most easy, but not good.

We use google suit for almost everything. It is simple and flexible to use

Ease of use. Cloud based. Interfaces with everything.

The full integration it allows at affordable costs.

We love the collaboration capabilities and the ease of working on shared documents, safe in the knowledge that all revisions are tracked. We also love the reliability and security of the Google cloud. But individual apps are not as powerful as those in Microsoft, and Sheets in particular is weak compared to excel.Our business lives in a Microsoft world meaning that we must regularly convert from Google to MS.

Easy to set up. Not a lot of features. Limited analytics

What to say? G Suite is really the gold standard for cloud docs/spreadsheets. Works just fine.

Easy to use. We registered our domain names on Google Domains, and then registered the emails after that. It also helps that everyone on the team knows how to use Gmail along with shortcuts and filters. You can easily access email via the Gmail or Inbox app. Also, Zapier integrates well with Gmail so we can use it to parse inbound customer leads into our CRM.

Everything I do is on Google. I've even got an Android phone, a Chromecast, and a Google Home. So it's just easier to do my work here, too.

Not sure how you can run a company without Google Apps; between Gmail, Docs, and Sheets it's your standard office suite in the cloud. Kind of boring but it works

We have been using Google Apps (Suite) across a few teams for a few reasons: -Real time collab in docs and sheets is magical - we could not live without this. -Combined with Zapier we automate a TON of workflows very easily including gmail to asana, asana to gsheets, gmail to sheets etc. -Setup of team and sub-teams is easy and easy to manage in one place

Easy and cheap. Good enough for basics.

We use it because it comes with Gmail. Good for collaboration; not so great if you need advanced features.

Obviously a business critical application that gets the job done

Does exactly what it needs to and pretty much everything supports it.

Reliability, familiar to people with gmail accounts & powerful spam filtering.

Pros: easy to use collaboration tools; email and calendaring work well. Reasonably priced for teams up to a certain size. Cons: no real support. Still need O365/MSFT Office products for hard-core spreadsheets and presentations. One-size-fits-alls product SKU gets expensive as you grow to a point where needs company start to vary by job function.

Only complaint is that my drive looks like the catch-all drawer in my kitchen, mostly because it's too many clicks to keep it organized for my fish brain to handle. Otherwise no complaints

It still remains as the easiest way to share all types of docs between employees, especially if you're business email is built on top of Gmail. Yes, their interface makes searching/navigating a bit awkward at times, but the ability to co-edit and easily share really makes it a winner.

For docs we use Drive, but also have Dropbox. We have a parent folder shared with the entire company in Drive - honestly, still struggling to figure out the best approach here. GSuite for email is the standard...painless to setup and on-board.

I had an investor friend of mine that told that if they saw a startup that wasn't using Google Apps, it was a red flag - this is how commonplace Gapps have become.

I've been using Google Apps for ages, across multiple organizations (including Google). Pros: VERY reasonably priced, great tools for collaboration. Cons: How/where files are stored/moved can feel like alchemy to many users. But in my mind the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Can't really think of using anything else. Enough tools, with enough functionality, to achieve my needs as CTO.

Likes: Easy to use, new hires are already familiar with the tools, comprehensive suite of products. Dislikes: Lack of real-person support for issues that arise, hard to get additional security policy measures in place (e.g. BAA).

It's free, and we've used it for years. Never found a reason to switch.

The app suite just works because you've been using it as a consumer all these years. There are no training wheels for yourself or your employees.

Simple, easy to set up, not the prettiest or most flexible

Seamless integration with pretty much everything. Calendar function is great, Google drive is very convenient for collaboration and in general having the whole organization under Google for Work is great.

I love that Google offers a suite of products we use everyday at an affordable price.

Pros: Great for price, tons of integrations, great document sharing controls and admin controls. Cons: Uses a proprietary file format for all documents you create with the Gsuite tools (e.g. not docx, xlsx) and "Todo" lists are not supported by most major clients (e.g iOS, Outlook)

The all mail function uses up lots of GB and I find it useless with out a mail client

Provides "80% functionality" of key productivity apps and is easy to share and collaborate with others.

Hard to imagine not using G Suite. Email, docs and surveys are the best out there.

Great product to get up and running quickly. Price is reasonable. Does the job for us.

slack integration, no version tracking, best used with google work account

A great set of tools to collect and manage documents across different teams. It could do with better group management features but does the job well.

Simple to setup. Affordable ($10/month per user)

Reasonable pricing, good feature stack, widely used and easy to onboard people.

We've used google sheets connected to Heroku data clips very well for a long time, it's free and highly configurable.


Simply does the job for us at this phase

Using Google Apps is great because it's supported by a lot of tools.

Not perfect and I'd like it to match Microsoft Office a little better, but it works.

Solid product and one that everyone's familiar with. I wish it were a little cheaper, but oh well.

Simple, easy to learn, we're already using google apps for business

Until you're huge, spreadsheet is still the best thing for this there is.


Integrated with everything.

Very flexible and easy to use and implement

Works great with Google applications on mobile.

Features and syncing is not as good as Dropbox, but it's convenient to use if you use already pay for Google Apps/Email.

Pretty much the standard, but probably only because you can use POP for other clients since Gmail's apps aren't that great.

Works very well, but migration from old to new domain name was very difficult