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Record, replay, search, and analyze each user's actual experience with your website




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This service is fantastic, they have the best recordings that I've seen so far (I've only tried ClickTale and Mouseflow). Unlike some competitors, they seem to record actual HTML that the user sees so it works well for very dynamic, user-customized pages. The dashboard is really easy to use and have some nice features like "rage clicks" or search by CSS clicked.

We love Fullstory. We have it up on a TV in the office 24/7 playing user recordings using their "video" mode.

Features like automatic "rage clicks" to find frustrated users. Better prices and feature set than hotjar, clicktale, etc.

Yes - Great to archive insights for later review and improvement!

Been a Fullstory user since they started. Expensive but invaluable.

Allows us to recreate user actions and chase down bugs more effectively.

Intuitive interface, nothing unnecessary

I love almost everything about Fullstory. The only problem I have with their product is that it's expensive. It has the feel of a young product with a lot of potential. I would recommend giving them a try. You may hit limitations in your ability to drill-down or filter, but you will immediately gain insight into what your users are doing on your site.