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An online cloud-based customer service software providing helpdesk support with all smart automations to get things done faster.




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Cheap, and it works. Zendesk seem to be slightly better, though, but it's much more expensive.

Good if you don't need a ton of features. Simpler, but hard to compare against the more mature offerings in terms of featuresets / workflows / automation.

# Pros: - It was easy to integrate our front-end Angular app with their SDK - Clients (mobile, etc) and integrations (Slack) provide the necessary core notifications required for helpdesk chat support - Support for a centralized repository of Q&A / help desk is definitely a plus with this software # Cons: - The out-of-the-box style/customization is a bit out-dated - Chat widget functionality could be improved compared to other modern solutions

Simpler in term of interaction and Intuitive to use it

Really good for startups. Especially their pricing. The basic interface can be improved though.

It's brilliant. Loved their new UI. Meets more or less all of our current requirements.

we just start to set up this service and can't give a real review. But I think it helps

great easy to use software. Great support

Too Expensive in the beginning, looking for something else.

Allows us to continue to use email as our primary support vehicle. Plenty of good tools for a small company. Price is good for what you get.