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Firebase is a great choice for realtime data stuff. No more polling GET calls. The docs are good but their YouTube tutorials are better and get you started in less time. If you use some other Google infrastructure pieces this will be right there in the same place rather than keeping track of another platform.

Opinionated structure that grows as our needs grow. Would like more of their services to be available for web projects, not just apps.

Firebase is awesome. It helped a lot while implementing could based messaging like push notifications and then one-to-one chat in our mobile apps projects

Easy to set up, incredible documentation, and low overhead to get going.

We love Firebase! It is an amazing platform for fast applications providing a consistent development experience across many products. We have used other platforms that have very disconnected services but firebase wraps it all up in a nice package!

I will recommend others to use it. Its not too hard to learn how to work it well.

Useful for the backend for quickly developed apps, but documentation is awful, to say the least.

I've been a fan of Firebase ever since before they were acquired by Google. I don't know of any other platform that has the same functionality of synchronous key-value mapping between client connections.

Firebase is extremely developer friendly platform where developers can quickly test their products.

Excellent cross-platform support and includes a dashboard to send manual messages from for easy testing