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Cap table management and 409A valuations simplified




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Cap table management is finicky. They make it perfect. Use it as soon as your raise money, and stop pulling your hair out.

We have used them for the last six months or so, and for the very basic things we've needed them for (viewing and sharing our cap table and issuing stock options), it's intuitive and easy to use. FWIW, we are using the stock options documents drafted by our counsel; I do not think that they have stock language you can use out of the box.

E-shares has worked out nicely for our team. It took a little time to setup, but it's great to have this information in one place. Easy access and signature approvals are streamlined.

Decent enough. Has annoyed our investors with seemingly extraneous emails once or twice, but maybe that was necessary.

It takes a lot more time to get onboard than they claim, but makes things really fast after that is done.

Inexpensive and easy-to-use for 409A valuations.

very easy to use, responsive customer support low-cost 409a service saves money vs alternatives like SVB

Eshares has been a great platform for the management of our shares. At least for us the setup took longer than I expected, but now that we are up and running it has been great.

It does what we need in terms of cap table and shares management

Thought it was great. Very simple and kept things very organized.