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Dropbox was founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi.




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File syncing that just works. That's what Drew Houston put in his YC application, right? For the most part, he's nailed it.

moved all our files from drive (lost files, sync problems) to Dropbox, a no issue online storage, still compatibility with google docs is not optimal

Love it, but the granularity of permissioning needs work

We used both Dropbox and Google Drive for our files. The fact that files are available client-side without an internet connection is huge. And based on the type of file, we found it sometimes made more sense to have certain types of files (Keynote files and others not supported by Google Drive, legal and employment files the whole team didn't need access to etc.) living in Dropbox while others more public to the team/requiring editing by multiple parties to live on Google Drive.

Dropbox is great because it "just works" – it's always in the background and keeping everything in sync, so I never need to worry about which computer my files are on. Their new "Project Infinite" which gives you access to all files without taking all your hard drive space is icing on the cake.


Been a long-time user even outside of work and have never been disappointed.

We're still small and just using our own personal plans - everyone had one already.

I like it better than google drive. I've also used box and feel that they are so similar but dropbox search is better.

Great desktop interface, easy and seamless uploading.

Dropbox for business has more than enough storage space.

Dropbox is a nice simple way to ensure all of our team have access to the files we need. Everyone knows how to use it with no/minimal training and it doesn't take any thought. Also useful when you don't have enough space on your hardware

Simple, robust, just works. Having your files locally means they're fast and don't depend on network access, which is great.

In our experience, its sync functionality and its UX/UI are so much better than the alternatives.

It works! And stays out of the way. Also, all-star design team.


good for pure storage but not practical to automate file reception

Transitioning from team to enterprise is costly.


Dropbox is amazing. Their other products seem to get lost at sea.