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Very easy to start up, nice and simple API. Obvsies less flexibility than Amazon, but paired with S3 and other tools, makes for an incredibly easy to manage server stack. Devops has become less painful (still painful though)

Very fast to set up, we use this a lot for odd side job computation/research tasks chipping through our YC credits. One thing to watch out for is if you turn on auto-backups, they are not like AWS snapshots where server access and functionality is not blocked. When a backup is going on, you cannot access the server in my experience (there's probably a way around this), so you have to schedule it when you know you won't need it.

Love how it's easy and simple to deploy.

Incredibly useful for quick and easy cloud instances. Great for simple machine learning and data analysis. Could have been better if they had GPU droplets as well.

Efficient, economical and has a good API.

It great service for early startup to try to use cloud hsoting

super easy to use API. we needed disposable environments, and it scratched that itch