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Initially picked them for their caching capabilities. Then realized we needed to upgrade plans in order to get more granular logging. Overall, uptime is ok. Functionality fine. We haven't benefitted much from their WAF. Rest of our stack is on AWS and I don't see us losing much if we switched to route53

Great for DNS, page rules and security stuff. In the mean time, it's a little bit overpriced for stuff like full SSH support. The only problem I had a with Cloudflare related to WebSocket, it took time to explain to their support that something is wrong on their side.

Have had several bad experiences, switching to amazon route 53. Hit undocumented limits, had settings change on us multiple times through no action on our side.

Offers proper 2FA. Not sure what took the industry so long to implement Google Authenticator-based 2FA.

Free, reliable DNS and CDN for all projects

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Exceptional Service - easy to set up.

Lots of edge nodes and great performance worldwide

Cloudflare can be really useful if your website often gets hit with DDOS attacks and you want an easy way to slow them down. But I've also run into a lot of issues with it, such as it thinking my website is down, extra latency and blocking valid users. I recommend using Cloudflare for DNS and disabling the http proxy (aka not routing requests through Cloudflare). This way you can turn their http proxy on in a matter of seconds, but only when needed.

Cloudflare is a very mature product, is stable, and has all the features I've ever needed. (Albeit I've never needed particularly sophisticated CDN tools.)

Free tier to start, and you can use FlexibleSSL to front your S3-backed static site.

Free tier offers incredible benefits, especially for bandwidth-heavy startups looking to cache their audio/video files.

Enterprise plans are worth it, definitely compare to traditional CDNs.

Great for DNS, also serves as a CDN and drop-in reverse proxy. We've had a few outages and issues with them as a vendor, but for the most part my experience has been positive.