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Better than Union Bank. Strangely, every rep we work with is named Johnny. Presuming run by androids.

They are a bank. Some trouble understanding a startup like ours. In general pretty reasonable.


Honestly, defaulted to Chase because we just needed to open an account. It covers most of the bases, but doesn't provide any special services.


Credit card is a credit card - Chase Bold Ink was good because it didn't have a limit (though required full payoff each month) and came with 60K miles per card under a promotion (required $5K spend in first 3 months, I believe).

Honestly, using them because they had the lowest initial deposit limit (when we were just starting up).

It was pretty good, but not particularly innovative. Being able to setup alerts for all purchases was great with our company cards

Great service and branches everywhere. Some misunderstanding of startup needs, annoying for wires et al. SVB recommended

It was our bank before. We like it ok - some restrictions we don't love (daily transactional limits) but we make do.

We're cofounders - impossible to setup some basic policies for cash mgmt (e.g. require both of our approval for amounts over $x). Antiquated authorizations - much has to be done by phone / email.

It's a love-hate relationship but mostly love. They are a large and rigid bank, but they are ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. I would highly recommend them for any new business.


Excellent customer experience so far.


I'd use SVBank in hindsight... Optimized for growth company needs