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Integrates with Intuit full service payroll at low cost; has some integrations with state government in North Carolina that help speed up payments to providers that accept Medicaid.

Lots of branches are a big plus, and they haven't messed anything up (like US Bank used to do regularly). Nothing special otherwise.

Options pretty limited. Had a horrendous experience with Silicon Valley Bank. Bank of America has a decent online banking interface since they're good at retail banking and that's the most common use case, but they have problems too.

Fantastic service for personal and business banking

Because it's a big bank the software is fairly up-to-date and there are plenty of tools that integrate to it.

We're based in Boston, and there are plenty of Bank of America branches which made it convenient to set up. Mobile app is great, along with the ability to deposit checks by taking photos of the check. Wide network of ATMs is also good for impromptu cash needs or deposits. Xero and other finance management apps often integrate with Bank of America. Account manager and live phone support is spotty though.