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It's pretty opinionated, and takes a little while for people to learn (and develop a process for). But it's my favorite tool so far (tried Trello and a few others).

Best solution we found, but we wish they had native apps with offline access. Also integration with something like Slack would be really nice, because the boundary between project management and communication is really not clear.

Asana keeps getting better. For us, Asana strikes a great balance between power and simplicity (Trello is simpler, and also a fantastic tool, but Asana feels a bit more powerful).

Slow. Clunky. No way (or unclear how) to weight tasks based cost, benefit, etc.

The right level of flexibility in terms of views and organization styles. Combines the nice things about a card based system like Trello with the depth of a ticket tracker so you can choose how heavy you want to make each project you create.

Generally good. Drawbacks: slack integration is batched, and merging tasks / task dependencies are clumsy

We depend on this to complete tasks and communicate accomplishments.

we are in the midst of migrating to trello. currently using post it notes

It is very flexible in terms of how you organize your workflow. It is a bit less structured however, so I can see why it would turn some people off.

It works really well on your laptop. Has all the features we need. But the basic view we use (a board where each person's tasks are in a column) simply does not work correctly on any mobile device. It is astonishing that they have not fixed this bug.

Great tool to organise any activity and define a process before choosing a more specific tool. I think the UX could be improved and mobile apps lack some features I really loved in Wunderlist for instance

It has a great design and it's easy to use.

Very happy with the features and constant development on their platform. Cost effective, especially when adding collaborators that are not on your domain.

The task-subtask system works great for us

Very flexible, we can use our own structure. Email/mobile alerts work well. Sometimes not enough structure, no good resolution tracking. Not integrated with anything very well

Simple yet still has everything you could possibly need for task management. I strongly recommend Asana for small to mid-sized businesses.

Most flexible and easy to use we have found - match up with Zapier to build some cool workflows. New board feature is great but still a little lacking.

It worked fine as both a task tracking and bug tracking system for us in the last few years. Not everyone uses the Today/Upcoming/Later tagging, resulting in task overflowing so users are even less diligent when it comes to correctly marking the tasks.

Great program with variety of functionality, but difficult to enforce consistent use among team members

It's great to have the flexibility to add and view tasks by project, due date and owner. It's not perfect, but it's the best I've found.

The kanban view with Asana is a very welcome addition. I'm not a huge fan of task lists; these kinds of tools tend to create the feeling of an endless stream of work. I prefer goal-orientated tools but the team is happy with Asana.

It works for now with our small team. It's super affordable and people generally can claim tickets. There isn't a history and you have to work around support statuses by using tags or moving things to different projects, but it's not too bad otherwise. It's not REALLY made as a help desk, but it can certainly be used for one successfully. In the future, we plan to move to something more robust.

Maybe this is user error but we keep forgetting and abandoning it


It works fine, but could definitely have more product focus -- always feel a bit overwhelmed.

Easy to use. Wish there were gantt chart functionality though

We've tried a ton.. Process more important than tool imo

Easy to use, good for a non tech team, has integrations with a 3rd party apps

Far from simplicity and focus. Tries to do everything. Feels like enterprise. Slow.


Simple to use

It has it's good and bad days. The load time is sometimes the worst part, but overall it has a solid UX.

It's a fine basic tool, but I've had problems with people adhering to it.

We use Asana in all teams to plan all projects

Just like most task management tools, it works generically. There is a huge amount of upkeep and management needed, though.


Personally I dislike all project management tools, I don't think anyone has cracked that nut yet.

Not bad. But nothing beats sticky notes for some reason.

Nice service, but doesn't suits well for development tasks

Used for task tracking and planning. It works.